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Emergency help, in just two easy taps.

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Big savings. Low cost.

Thanks to Rescu’s UL-Certified Dispatch Center with over 50 years of trusted experience, when you become a member you’ll qualify for security certificates that can help you save up to $200 per year on home insurance.

The Rescu difference

The Rescu app uses UL-Certified call centers that have been proven to get people the help
they need during an emergency faster than 9-1-1.

Life Alert
Monthly costs and fees $8.25/mo. $50+/mo.
+$95 setup fees
(3 year contract)
+$70 setup fees
Fire, police and ambulance dispatch
24/7 UL. Five Diamond, Emergency Monitoring Center
Chat or text directly with dedicated private dispatch Call, text
or chat
Call only Call only Call only
Unlimited emergency contacts
Store up to 4 addresses
Send automatic text alerts to family and emergency contacts
Pre-set property information to help first responders help you
Pre-set medical condition information for first responders
GPS based dispatch (US Only) +$20/mo. +$10-$30/mo.
Cost of required hardware $0 $$$ $$$$ $0
Apple Watch integration
Connection Type Cellular or
Landline or
Landline or
Landline or

Key features

Get help, without saying a word

Strokes and other medical events can impair speech, leaving you or a loved one unable to talk. Rescu sends help in just two easy taps, making it ideal for health situations when you can’t communicate.

Keep loved ones in the loop

Rescu instantly notifies pre-saved emergency contacts in the event of an emergency via text. Let your loved ones know when there’s an emergency, without having to call or send a text.

Backed by over 50 years of experience

Rescu builds on the hard-won expertise of our parent companies, Watchlight and Alarm Relay. When everything counts on getting it right, you can count on us.

Veteran-founded and operated

As a veteran-founded and operated company, keeping others safe is Rescu’s top priority. Our team of safety experts are here to help you and your loved ones when you need it most.

The Rescu Difference

The Rescu app uses UL-Certified call Centers that have been proved to get people the help they need during an emergecy faster than 9-1-1.

Rescu compared to traditional 9-1-1

  • Call9-1-1 receives 240M calls per year while Rescu gets only 1% of that volume
  • FastFewer calls means faster, more personalized service
  • QueueNo long queues, redirects, or verbal confirmation
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Traditional 911 dispatch route with long queues

Protect the people you care for