Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rescu get faster emergency response than calling 9-1-1?

There are a couple of reasons Rescu can be faster than calling 9-1-1. First, Rescu uses a UL-certified, 5-Diamond rated central station that communicates directly with the emergency services that have jurisdiction in your specific address location. This bypasses the step of the 9-1-1 operator and quickly gets your information to the services you need. Second, your information is stored in Rescu such as phone number, address, name. In cases where speaking is not possible, impractical, or dangerous, Rescu immediately dispatches the appropriate emergency services to your address.

What happens after I call for help with Rescu?

When you select the dispatch type and press the “SEND ALERT” button, that dispatch signal is sent directly to our commercial central station – the same UL certified, 5-Diamond rated central station that provides service to thousands of commercial and residential alarm systems. Your dispatch signal is immediately processed and the appropriate emergency services (Ambulance, Fire or Police) are sent to the address you set up in your Rescu mobile app.

What if I want to call for both fire and ambulance? Can I select both?

It is common for emergency services to respond with ambulance and fire trucks. However, you can easily dispatch fire services and then dispatch ambulance within Rescu. Our central station will receive and process both dispatch requests.

How much does Rescu cost, and what do I get with my subscription?

Rescu 3.0 introduces two subscription payment options. The first payment option is a $7/monthly fee. We also offer an annual subscription fee for a reduced price of $59/year. Both subscription payment options include ambulance, fire and police dispatch services, and allow up to four dispatch addresses.


What if I accidently send an alert and need to cancel?

You can cancel a dispatch in one of two ways – depending on whether you have pressed the “SEND ALERT” button or not. If you have not yet pressed the “SEND ALERT” button, you can simply press the CANCEL button at the bottom of the dispatch selector in the center of your screen. If you have already sent the alert, you can speak to a live operator at our central station and request a cancellation by tapping the “CALL TO ADD
INFO OR TO CANCEL ALERT” button on the following screen.

Can Rescu help me get a discount on home insurance?

Yes. Rescu’s dispatch center (the Central Station) is recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratories (U.L.) as the highest classification for safety and security standards. Insurance providers acknowledge our U.L. compliance, and will usually provide a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Why is there a countdown and test period when I sign up?

It is important to us that Rescu users are familiar with their Rescu app. During an emergency is not the time to familiarize yourself with Rescu. We feel it is important to learn Rescu during a “safe” period, after which Rescu is fully functional. During the test period, you may use all of Rescu’s features without fear of accidentally dispatching emergency services. Of course, users can put Rescu into Test Mode at any time to review features and test their app.

Can I use the app when I am driving/stuck on the side of the road / not at a specific location? Or If I request help from my app can the police/ fire/ ambulance find my location wherever I am?

At this time, Rescu does not have a GPS or mobile location feature. We encourage users to immediately dial 9-1-1 if they need assistance away from their dispatch address. The power of Rescu is the ability to dispatch help to pre-specified addresses.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Unless you hit the SWITCH USER button in the MENU, your account will remain logged in. If you logged out and do not remember your password to log back in, you can press on the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the sign-in screen to reset your password.

Will Rescu work anywhere, even if I’m not at Home?

Rescu sends the appropriate emergency services to any of the addresses you have set up in your Rescu app (Menu->Account->Dispatch Addresses). You can be anywhere and Rescu will still get help to your configured address.

For example: If you have your home in Dallas, TX set up in Rescu but happen to be traveling to Chicago, IL you can still send emergency services to your home by selecting your home address in Rescu and pressing the appropriate emergency dispatch button.

(Note: Rescu provides emergency service dispatch to US addresses only).


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