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Connect to the right help, right away

Whether you’re experiencing a fire, medical, or other life-threatening emergency, the help you need is only two taps away with your own private dispatch.

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Dispatch first responders in seconds

Fire, Police, or Ambulance emergency services are at your fingertips.

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Discover the Rescu advantage

Your personal dispatch

9-1-1 isn’t always as fast as you’d expect. You can easily find yourself on hold or rerouted depending on where you’re calling from. Rescu connects you directly to dispatchers, and can even send help outside of your local area.

Save critical info to ensure fast, accurate help

Add important address-specific and medical history details to the Rescu app ahead of time. Help first responders get to you and your loved ones faster in an emergency by eliminating any costly confusion.

Emergency services at your fingertips

Get the help you need during an emergency as fast as possible. With Rescu, Fire, Police, and Ambulance services are simply two taps away. You don’t even have to say a word to call for help. Just open the app and alert first responders in seconds.

Certified emergency experts at your service

Backed by over 49 years of expertise, our professional team is available for your emergency needs 24/7. Dispatchers at our monitoring center have a true passion for keeping people safe and have the experience needed to help you through any situation.

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UL Certification

Our 24/7 Monitoring Center has the official stamp of approval from Underwriter Laboratories, the most trusted global safety organization.

  • Call Icon The gold standard in top-rated safety certifications for over a century
  • Fire Icon Our infrastructure and services continuously undergo rigorous testing and compliance in electrical, building, data, and security safety
  • Search Icon Commitment to random equipment inspections
  • Standards IconU.L Safety standards are recognized in government, military, banking/FDIC, Jewelry stores, etc.
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5 Diamond certified

Our 5 Diamond Certification granted by The Monitoring Association for medical alert monitoring centers is evidence that we meet the highest standards of excellence. 

  1. Ongoing emergency operator training on the latest industry standards
  2. Demonstration of the highest level of customer satisfaction
  3. Commitment to reducing false alarm dispatches
  4. Raising the industry standards for safety

Protect the people you care for