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Private dispatch for you and your loved ones

No matter who you call family, Rescu provides you with personalized tools to take care of yourself and your loved ones during an emergency. Whether it’s a fire, medical, or other life-threatening situation, it’s the best way to get the help you need fast.

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Take care of emergencies with ease

Rescu makes caregiving much less stressful. Rest assured that when emergencies pose a danger to your loved ones, help is only two taps away with Rescu.

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Features to keep your loved ones safe

Whether you’re present during an emergency or not, Rescu gives you the ability to help your loved ones when they need it most. With remote dispatch, you can send help outside your local area, so even if you aren’t nearby you can still be by their side.

A stronger support system

Keep your family members in the loop by saving your emergency contacts in Rescu. All it takes is one tap during an emergency to send your loved ones an alert. Save time notifying your support system, so you can better focus on your next steps.

A closer connection to emergency experts

Put your trust in over 49 years of experience when it comes to your family’s safety needs. Rescu gives you the ability to communicate directly with emergency services. Provide critical information to first responders before they arrive to the scene to help them better assist your loved ones.

Easy for anyone to use

Rescu is simple enough for anyone learn and teach. It only takes two taps to get the help you need. You don’t even have to say a word. With no talking required, it’s the ideal option for individuals with conditions that impair speech.

The safer way to protect your independence

Be ready for any emergency without sacrificing your freedom. Rescu offers discreet, easy access to emergency services, so you can live freely knowing that if an emergency happens, your support system is only two taps away.

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A better solution to emergency assistance

Rescu is so simple that even less tech savvy individuals can use the app with confidence. you have difficulty speaking, it won’t be an issue. Communicate with dispatchers without saying a word. Notify your loved ones in a matter of seconds. Get the help you need quickly and easily.

Don’t worry about forgetting the details

With Rescu, you can add important medical history and medication information ahead of time to ensure first responders are prepared on arrival. No need to panic trying to answer multiple questions from 9-1-1 dispatchers. Skip the time-consuming, anxiety-provoking, and potentially life-threatening obstacles between you and the services you need.

Alert your entire family at once

Keep your loved ones in the loop by adding them as emergency contacts in advance. When emergency strikes, Rescu will immediately notify your loved ones, so everyone can respond appropriately.

A trusted safety source

Rescu builds on over 49 years of hard-won emergency dispatch expertise to give you a 24/7 connection to our UL-Certified Monitoring Center. When everything counts on getting it right, you can count on us.

Get the help you need without saying a word

Rescu gives you the fastest way to call for help in an emergency, no talking or verbal confirmations required. Ideal for the hearing impaired or conditions that make speech difficult. With Rescu, you can communicate with dispatchers directly and notify your loved ones of an emergency in seconds.

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An app built for your needs

When emergency strikes, you need help quickly and reliably. During an emergency, you can’t afford delays from translation services or relays like those used by 9-1-1. Rescu gets the help you need in just two easy taps. Plus, you can call for help without ever saying a word.

Your direct connection to help

Rescu frees you from the limitations of 9-1-1 and other emergency services. The poor location reliability of traditional 9-1-1 can make it nearly impossible to get the help you need in an unfamiliar place. With Rescu, you can dispatch first responders where you need them most—even if you can’t give an exact location.

Communication simplified

With Rescu, you can message or chat directly with our expert dispatchers until first responders arrive. You’ll also be able to instantly alert your support system via text during an emergency to keep everyone in the loop.

On deck to protect your family

As a company founded and operated by veterans, we understand the unique pressures servicemen and women face. That’s why we strive to provide the peace of mind they deserve. When an emergency strikes, Rescu keeps your family back home safe and connected—no matter where in the world you or your loved ones might be.

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Stay connected, stay safe

Military service can take you and your family all over the globe. Rescu offers a vital line of connection to all your loved ones in any crisis situation. Instantly send a text alert anywhere in the world during an emergency to keep everyone aware and informed.

Send help from anywhere

Wherever you are—close-by or halfway around the world—Rescu lets you respond to emergencies and get family members the help they need. Unlike 9-1-1, our remote dispatch feature can send emergency services to areas outside of your current location.

Proven safe time and time again

Rescu builds on over 49 years of hard-won emergency dispatch expertise to give you a 24/7 connection to our UL-Certified Monitoring Center. When everything counts on getting it right, you can count on us.

A smart addition to your home security system

Rescu seamlessly complements your smart home security. Give your DIY home security the full power of a monitored service and be prepared when an emergency happens—all for one low price.

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A smarter way to stay safe

Rescu was developed for seamless integration into the most popular smart home platforms and emerging IoT technologies. This makes dispatching emergency responders and notifying loved ones as simple as a single command.

An unmatched value

Professional home monitoring is expensive. And that’s before any unexpected charges for things like hardware, software upgrades, or incremental fees. Rescu’s low annual costs are a fraction of professional home monitoring. With Rescu, you can dispatch emergency responders directly and save yourself from costly alternatives.

More benefits, more security

Rescu expands the meaning of home security. Even if an emergency occurs outside of your home, you can still send help to up to 4 pre-saved addresses. Plus, you may qualify for home insurance discounts, giving you even more value for your money.

A safety system you can count on

Being prepared for an emergency should be a top priority, even for those with hectic schedules. Whether you live with others or alone, in a big city or more rural area, Rescu is by your side to make sure you have support when emergencies strike.

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Your direct connection to help

You can’t always call 9-1-1 safely or quickly during emergency situations. With Rescu, the help you need is only two taps away. Connect directly with our emergency experts through the app and share status updates via chat until first responders arrive.

Fill in your family fast

It can be cumbersome to alert your family members when emergencies happen. Save your emergency contacts ahead of time and notify your loved ones at the touch of a button. Everyone can have more peace of mind knowing that help is on the way.

Get the help you need from anywhere

Whether you’re out on the town or out of town, reliable GPS-based dispatch with Rescu, allows you to get help to any location fast—no matter where that might be. You can also pre-save up to 4 addresses of loved ones for dispatch, even if you’re not there.

Unmatched value

Rescu subscriptions provide an affordable way to stay safe. For the same price as a cup of coffee each month, you can have your own personal dispatch and home security system. As a Rescu member, you may also be eligible for home insurance discounts.

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