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Emergency assistance simplified

Take the panic out of emergencies. With Rescu, you can stay calm knowing your own private dispatch is only two taps away.

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Easy as 1–2–3

Save your info, save the day

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Remote dispatch for when you’re not present, but need to be.

With Rescu, you can store up to 4 Addresses for dispatch. During an emergency, we can provide responders your critical information stored in our app while you’re away. Providing you and your loved ones the most efficient emergency response. This can be vital when trouble strikes and you can’t be there.

  • CallA call from loved ones in distress
  • FireFire alarm or alert
  • CallReceiving home security camera notifications

The RESCU app is just what I needed to self-monitor my Nest Cameras. The best thing is, I can use it for up to 4 locations (vacation home, primary, mom’s house, etc.).

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Help first responders help you.

Add important address-specific details ahead of time. Help first responders get to you faster by providing access details such as:

  • Gate codesGate codes
  • InformationBuilding information
  • Dog PawLet first responders know Brutus bites

I don’t have to worry about answering tons of questions when I’m already stressed out. If something happens, the authorities have my info because it’s saved in the app.

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hiw gate
hiw stress

Keep your emergency contacts in the loop.

In an already stressful situation, you don’t need the added pressure of trying to tell your loved ones what’s going on. Rescu takes the worry out of communicating during an emergency by sending automated alerts to your emergency contacts.

  • CallSave as many emergency contacts as you want
  • FireRescu instantly alerts your loved ones via text during an emergency
  • CallSave time and reduce anxiety when it matters most

Super easy app, makes sending help quick and easy, and it even alerts other friends and family automatically, so I don’t have to. I don’t know of anything else that is this effective.

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An emergency alert device for everyone

Caregivers can use our emergency alert device to monitor the elderly or others with mobility or access limitations.


Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing customers love our one-touch feature. It’s easy to communicate without having to hear.


Active adventure-seekers can use our tools for instant response if a journey takes an unexpected turn.


Families can help keep each other protected and improve emergency response times to keep them safe and secure.

My wife is up there in age and I worry that when I’m not around she might hurt herself which she does often. I love the idea she could get help fast.

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Two taps to emergency help

How to use Rescu

We created Rescu to make sure you can get the emergency help you need as fast as possible.
The app is easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.

Features that matter when
every second counts

  • Direct
    Direct connection to dispatchers
    No rerouting, holds, or triage queues.
  • GPS
    GPS dispatch to your location
    Reliable and accurate GPS technology with Rescu Prime.
  • Chat
    Live chat
    Get help, updates, and answers from dispatchers in real-time.
  • Alert
    Instant text alerts to all your contacts
    Add unlimited contacts to notify in an emergency—anytime, anywhere via global SMS.
  • Remote
    Remote dispatch where you want
    For up to 4 saved addresses, even when you’re away.
  • No
    No talking required
    Ideal for the hearing impaired. No TTY or relay service delays.
  • 24-hour
    24/7 Certified Monitoring Center
    Professionals available 24/7 to provide security and peace of mind day or night.
  • Dispatch
    Dispatch Fire, Police, and Ambulance
    All with a single app, for a fraction of the cost of other services.

The Rescu Difference

Compared to traditional 9-1-1

  • Call9-1-1 receives 240M calls per year while Rescu gets only 1% of that volume
  • FastFewer calls means faster, more personalized service
  • QueueNo long queues, redirects, or verbal confirmation
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Traditional 911 dispatch route with long queues
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Compared to other paid emergency and security services

  • AvatarMost emergency services offer only Ambulance and/or only Police
  • ComboRescu combines Fire, Police, and Ambulance dispatch in one app
  • ChatGet more value with features like remote dispatch, LIVE chat, and 24/7 monitoring
  • PhoneJust use your smartphone—no need to buy additional products or devices

The Rescu difference

The Rescu app uses UL-Certified call centers that have been proven to get people the help
they need during an emergency faster than 9-1-1.

Life Alert
Monthly costs and fees $8.25/mo. $50+/mo.
+$95 setup fees
(3 year contract)
+$70 setup fees
Fire, police and ambulance dispatch
24/7 UL. Five Diamond, Emergency Monitoring Center
Chat or text directly with dedicated private dispatch Call, text
or chat
Call only Call only Call only
Unlimited emergency contacts
Store up to 4 addresses
Send automatic text alerts to family and emergency contacts
Pre-set property information to help first responders help you
Pre-set medical condition information for first responders
GPS based dispatch (US Only) +$20/mo. +$10-$30/mo.
Cost of required hardware $0 $$$ $$$$ $0
Apple Watch integration
Connection Type Cellular or
Landline or
Landline or
Landline or

Protect the people you care for