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13 Tips to Secure Your Home, Apartment, or Dorm While on Vacation
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13 Tips to Secure Your Home, Apartment, or Dorm While on Vacation


So, you booked your flight and Airbnb, and your vacation is right around the corner. 

You can hardly wait to escape the daily stresses of life, but to make sure you can really lean in and enjoy your trip, you have to secure your home before you leave. 

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or dorm room, the last thing you need during (or after) your getaway is to find out there was a break-in or other home security incident. 

But when you take the right precautions, you can protect your home, reduce the risk of burglaries and accidents, and — most importantly — give yourself peace of mind.

Below, you’ll find thirteen tips to secure your home for minimum risk and maximum enjoyment while on vacation.


1. First Things First, Lock All Doors & Windows Before You Leave 

This is an obvious but crucial precaution that must be taken — whether you’re going on vacation for a week or leaving to go pick up some food.


2. Submit a Request to Hold All Mail Deliveries While You’re Gone

A growing stack of envelopes and packages on your front doorstep is a green light to any would-be burglars. 

Before you head out on your vacation, ask your mail carrier to stop sending you mail until you get back. 

To do this, simply go to the USPS website and complete a quick hold mail form

Or, you can arrange to have a neighbor or close friend come and pick up your mail for you while you’re away.


3. If You Pay for Home Security Service, Notify Your Alarm Company

Before you leave, give your alarm company a call, notify them that you’re going on vacation, and share the dates of your trip. 

That way, if an alarm is tripped, they’ll know to dispatch police to your home immediately.


4. Have a Friend or Family Member Stop by Your Home Regularly

A fresh set of eyes on your home every now and then can ensure your home remains unbothered while you’re on vacation.

They can also help out by taking the trash out on trash day, feeding any pets you have, and doing other housekeeping duties.


5. Save the Social Media Posts Until You Get Home

Even if you only have close friends and family on your social media profiles, it’s better to hold off from posting photos and status updates until you’re back. 

These posts can inform potential burglars that you’re on vacation, leaving your home and valuables open to theft.


6. Prepare for Unexpected Power Surges

Computers, TVs, game consoles, and other electronics are vulnerable to power surges if left plugged in. 

Even if the forecast is clear while you’re gone, it’s better to be on the safe side and unplug them before you leave.


7. Store Your Valuables in a Fire & Waterproof Safe or Safety-Deposit Box

Family heirlooms, keepsakes, and expensive items are more likely to be damaged in fires and floods or stolen by burglars if left out in the open. 

Investing in a nature-resistant safe or storing these items in a safety-deposit box will give you one less thing to worry about while you’re out having 


8. Make Sure Your Lawn is Taken Care of While You’re Gone

An overgrown lawn is a sign of an empty home. So, make sure — whether through a service or a close friend or family member — to make the proper arrangements to keep it mowed and trimmed up until you return.


9. If Possible, Set Timers on Your Lights Both Inside & Outside the House or Apartment

Programming your inside lights to stay on throughout the day and early evening will maintain the illusion that someone is home…

And having bright outside lights on throughout the night will discourage any burglars from breaking in.


10. Dorm Living: If Possible, Leave Some Valuables at Home

If you live in a dorm room and aren’t far from home, leave some of your valuables at your parents’ house before going on vacation. 

That way, the fear of losing them won’t be in the back of your mind while you’re trying to relax and enjoy your time away.


11. Dorm Living: Leave Your Bike With a Close Friend or Family Member

If you live in a dorm and rely on a bike to get around, consider leaving it with someone you trust while you’re gone

The longer it stays chained up in the same place on campus, the more likely it is to get stolen.


12. If You Have Roommates, Talk With Them About Securing Your Home

Before you go, talk with your roommates about securing your dorm or apartment (locking doors and windows, putting sliding door stoppers in place, etc., when no one is home). 

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to trust that your roommates will keep your home secure, you can install an extra lock or smart lock to your bedroom door for added security and peace of mind.


13. Download the Rescu App to Get Help at Home While You’re Away

Outside of a home security service, the Rescu app is the only way to get emergency help at home when you’re away — and it’s also the fastest.

When you leave town, calling 911 will put you in touch with the local dispatch center for your current location, not back home.

That’s why having a mobile alert system like Rescu is so important. In just two taps on your phone, you can send fire, police, or medical emergency services to one of four addresses stored in the app.

The secret to Rescu’s unmatched emergency response times is that it doesn’t require a phone call to get help. Just two taps and responders are on their way.

This speed is thanks to the two main things:

  1. Rescu operates out of a private dispatch center that’s separate from the 911 system, and…
  2. The app stores your address and other relevant personal information so that responders know where they’re going and what type of situation they’re dealing with from the start.

If you like, the Rescu app comes with a two-way text chat feature, connecting you directly with one of our dispatchers once you’ve sent your alert. You can also give them a call to explain the situation in more detail if you’re able to.

All these features come together to provide you with the fastest way to get help in an emergency — even if you’re away from home. 

And starting at just $7 a month, precious peace of mind while you’re on vacation is surprisingly affordable.

Click below to get started!

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