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7 Popular Apps for Seniors Who Live Alone
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7 Popular Apps for Seniors Who Live Alone


Seniors living on their own get to enjoy personal freedom and independence at home. But these perks aren’t without their risks.

With no one around to respond, even a minor fall can become life-threatening if a senior is unable to call for help. Plus, with no one to keep them company, the isolation can take a toll on their mental health.

And with many seniors experiencing age-related declines in mobility, vision, and hearing, daily tasks can become much more challenging.

But with a little help from technology, seniors can improve their quality of life while simultaneously protecting themselves and their private lives at home.

These seven popular apps are the perfect way to combat the risks of living alone. And the best part? 

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use them!


1. Ten Percent Happier

This app is all about helping you relieve stress, sleep better, practice gratitude, and live in the present moment. 

It features education on how to meditate, a library of over 500 meditation videos for all different occasions, and uplifting stories filled with wisdom and motivation.

For seniors struggling with loneliness, Ten Percent Happier can help foster a healthy mindset of positivity and optimism.


2. FallSafety Home

Research suggests that living alone may be a risk factor for falls among seniors.

But with the FallSafety Home app, users can turn their phones (or smartwatches) into automatic fall detection devices.

It’s easy to set up, and you can add one emergency contact for free or up to five if you subscribe. Once you’ve set up your account, the app runs continuously whether you’re using your phone or not.

If you or an elderly loved one falls, the app will automatically detect it with the phone’s built-in accelerometer, and a panic button will appear on the screen.

Pressing the button will notify your emergency contact(s), providing you with a lifeline when you need it most.


3. ADA — Check Your Health

This free resource from the ADA allows users to report their symptoms and answer a series of questions to determine what may be causing them and what they can do to alleviate them.

ADA was created by doctors to provide fast, accurate results 24/7. So, whether you’re experiencing a muscle cramp or a migraine, you won’t be left in the dark.


4. Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is the perfect tool for seniors with limited vision.

It connects users to a massive community of volunteers willing to lend their eyes to those in need.

When you connect with a volunteer, they’ll have access to your rear camera — so they can see what you see — and you’ll be able to talk with them through the app.

From there, they can help guide you through whatever issue you’re having — working the remote, reading fine print, browsing the web, etc.


5. Snug Safety

Built specifically for seniors who live on their own, Snug Safety is a free daily check-in app that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Every day at a time of your choosing, you simply tap the big green checkmark to check in. On the next screen, you’ll receive a positive or motivational quote for the day.

If you miss your check-in time, the app will automatically notify your emergency contacts. 

There’s also a paid dispatch plan where, if you miss a check-in, a Snug Safety dispatcher will call you to make sure you’re safe. If you still don’t answer, then your dispatcher will notify the local authorities as well as your emergency contacts.

Snug Safety is an excellent way to give seniors the comfort of someone checking in on them while providing caregivers with much-needed peace of mind.


6. Lumosity

Touted as the world’s most popular brain training app, Lumosity turns sharpening your mind into a series of captivating games.

Train everything, including cognitive speed, attention, flexibility, memory, and problem solving, with a library of brain-boosting activities. They’ve even found a way to make math and science-based games fun!

Lumosity is a powerful tool for seniors who live alone and want to keep their minds active and healthy.


7. Rescu

Especially in the event of a fall or other bodily injury, calling 911 isn’t always easy or even possible.

Sometimes the pain of an injury makes it too difficult to speak, or the landline is simply out of reach.

In emergencies like these, seniors who live alone can use the Rescu app to instantly dispatch first responders to their location in just two taps on their smartphone.

It’s built with state-of-the-art GPS technology, but easy to use even for non-tech-savvy users. And, thanks to its no-call system, it’s the fastest way to get help in an emergency.

When you set up your account, the app asks for relevant personal and medical information, as well as any emergency contacts you’d like to be notified.

When you send an alert, the app instantly sends your information to emergency responders so they know how best to care for you. It also automatically sends a text message to each of your emergency contacts, letting them know that you’re experiencing an emergency.

That way, when you need help the most, you won’t have to worry about explaining your situation over the phone. Just two taps and help is on its way.

Rescu is the ultimate lifeline for seniors who live alone and caregivers who want to ensure their safety twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Download today to get started!

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