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3 Steps to Effectively Monitoring the Elderly at Home
Elder Care

3 Steps to Effectively Monitoring the Elderly at Home


We all have elderly loved ones in our families and communities. As they grow older, they may need additional supervision to ensure their personal safety and security. This can partly be because of the natural wear-and-tear the body experiences, which often leaves the elderly more susceptible to illness

Although you can’t always be present to watch over the seniors in your life, there are certain safety measures you can take that will grant everyone peace of mind. Here are three important steps to monitoring the elderly at home, even in your absence:

Step 1: Arm Them with an Effective Medical Alert System

One of the best things you can do to monitor your elderly loved ones at home is to be prepared for an emergency situation with the right medical alert system. Medical alert systems usually take the form of technological devices or apps, which can alert a health care provider or ambulance service of an emergency with the push of a button. These can range from monitored systems, such as wearables, to smartphone-based services, such as the Rescu app. 

Here are some scenarios in which seniors might benefit from having a medical alert system: 

  • If they experience a medical emergency such as a heart attack or stroke
  • If they slip in the shower and cannot reach the phone
  • If they are chronically ill and are having symptoms that require medical attention

Whatever the situation, it is comforting for seniors to know that they will be able to alert someone in the case of an emergency. 

Rescu Provides the Fastest Emergency Response

Though there are many reliable medical alert systems in the market, the Rescu app provides the fastest emergency response available. With the app, users don’t have to speak to 911 operators before getting help — all it takes is simple 2 taps on their phone. This allows them to live more independently and improves their safety in their own home.

Step 2: Transform Their Home into a Safe Place

Another way to effectively monitor the elderly at home, especially in your absence, is to safety-proof their home. Increased concern for loved ones as they age is understandable, as there are several dangers associated with the elderly while alone at home, such as falls, accidental poisoning, or other sudden medical emergencies. For your own peace of mind, it is important to take extra precautions to secure their home.

When senior-proofing your loved one’s home, there are certain practices that can improve home safety for the elderly, such as: 

  • Remove tripping hazards, like loose rugs and extension cords
  • Installing bathroom additions such as shower chairs and toilet boosters
  • Introducing a home security system
  • Keeping medical alert system apps, such as Rescu, on-hand

By taking some of these precautions, you can help your loved ones feel secure in their own home, even when you are away.

Step 3: Consider Utilizing Home Monitoring Technology

There is an abundance of technology out there that allows you to watch the elderly remotely. The biggest benefit to having technology like this in their home is the ability to keep an eye on them from afar to ensure their well-being. 

Here are just a few types of monitoring devices that are most suitable for the elderly:

  • Grandparent monitor
  • Baby monitor for dementia patients
  • Movement sensors

If you notice that your elderly loved one slips, loses consciousness, or falls ill through a monitoring device, you can use the Rescu app on your phone to send emergency responders to their home as fast as possible. 

Ensure the Safety of Seniors with Rescu

Sometimes, the elderly need extra care and monitoring to enhance their safety. The Rescu app can help you do just that — downloading it on both your phone and your senior’s phone will give you access to the fastest emergency response out there. In fact, the Rescu app is proven to shave minutes off standard emergency response times. 

Whether you’re at work, doing groceries, or taking care of the kids, you can rest easy knowing that your elderly loved ones are in good hands as you go about your day. As an emergency contact, you’ll always be notified the second your elderly loved one requests help.

Rescu makes monitoring the elderly at home easy. 

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