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Why MedicAlert and Rescu Go Hand-in-Hand
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Why MedicAlert and Rescu Go Hand-in-Hand


Image Source: MedicAlert Foundation

Emergency situations are never planned and when they do happen there is often panic, which can make it hard to communicate. They can be even more frightening if you or a family member have a medical condition that is crucial for responders and doctors to know about.

Fortunately, the combined support of MedicAlert and Rescu creates an all-encompassing solution for you and your loved ones. Here’s a look at both emergency solutions and how they work together cohesively.

What is MedicAlert?

MedicAlert provides medical IDs via a bracelet, necklace, or wallet card to people with critical health conditions. These medical IDs are significant during an emergency because they’re able to relay health information that someone may not be able to themselves. Typically, people who wear MedicAlert IDs:

  • Need their critical health and personal information readily available for anyone
  • Have a medical condition, like Alzheimer’s/dementia, asthma, autism, blood disorders, epilepsy/ seizures, heart disease or hypertension
  • Have food and/or drug allergies 
  • Have an implanted device, like a coronary stent, pacemaker, or cochlear implants
  • Want to relay their health directives and end-of-life care wishes, such as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), Power of Attorney, and Living Wills
  • Travel often or for longer periods of time
  • Have a healthy and active lifestyle, like athletes, cyclists, runners, and divers

In the event of an emergency, first responders will recognize the MedicAlert bracelet or necklace and will contact MedicAlert’s response team to receive the wearers crucial health information. As a result, first responders are able to treat the person more carefully and avoid events that may interact with any pre-existing conditions.

MedicAlert Features

MedicAlert IDs are made to be suitable for any age, lifestyle, and budget. Among the many benefits of having MedicAlert, key features include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response: During an emergency, a first responder will see the MedicAlert ID and contact their 24/7 Emergency Response Team. Their trained specialists will then share critical health and personal information via the unique number on the ID.
  • Physician Notification: With the Advantage Plus Annual plan, your physician will be notified as needed to stay up-to-date with any events involving your health.
  • Important Health Record & Document Storage: Members have an online medical record that can be updated easily and sent to medical facilities, if needed. Important documents, including contact information for any of your physicians, specific instructions regarding treatment protocols, DNR instructions, etc. are stored with MedicAlert as well.
  • Wandering Support: If you have a family member with autism MedicAlert supports you with their 24/7 Wandering Program that communicates their autism-related condition to law enforcement, as well as, any other conditions, allergies, or medications to quickly and safely reunite you with your loved one.
  • Universal design: MedicAlert ID provides many options to their members for their medical identification tags, such as fillable wallet cards to silicone and stainless steel options.

What is Rescu?

Rescu is a mobile app that allows users to send for medical, police, or fire help with just 2 simple taps on their phone screen. During an emergency, first responders are sent to a preset location without having to talk on the phone to a 9-1-1 operator, which saves time when it matters the most.

Like MedicAlert, Rescu is a great tool for those who have a medical condition, as it gives them immediate access to fast emergency response if they are unable to communicate in the midst of an emergency. But, Rescu isn’t just for those living with a medical condition, it’s beneficial for anyone who wants to get help the quickest way possible. And since it’s free, there’s nothing to lose!

Rescu believes that you and your loved ones deserve accessible emergency response without the inconvenience of dropped phone calls, the inability to communicate, or being forced to wait in a queue made up of non-emergency requests.

Rescu Features

The Rescu app can be downloaded from any device at no cost and gives you direct access to request medical help (ambulance services). For added safety and security, you have the option to upgrade to Rescu Prime, giving you immediate access to police and fire dispatch as well.

In addition to providing the fastest way to get help during an emergency, Rescu has the following helpful features:

  • Non-verbal emergency requests: Rescu designed their app so that no communication is needed. All that’s needed is two taps on your phone for immediate access to medical help. This is especially helpful for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Test mode: Rescu has a Test Mode that allows you to familiarize yourself with the app during a safe time so that you feel comfortable using it as a resource when you find yourself in an emergency.
  • Fastest access to help: Rescu utilizes a UL-Certified, 5 Diamond Rated Monitoring Center that bypasses the step of the 9-1-1 operator and communicates directly with first responders who are immediately dispatched to the address you included during set up.
  • Friends and family notifications: Rescu allows you to input up to four emergency contacts, in which you can add friends and family who will be notified that you’ve signaled for help during an emergency.

How MedicAlert and Rescu Go Hand-in-Hand

As you may have already gathered from the functionalities of both emergency solutions, MedicAlert and Rescu have the ability to work together in perfect unison. Here’s how:

  • When an emergency happens, you can use the Rescu app to send for the fastest medical help possible, without having to talk to 9-1-1 operators(talking may be impossible depending on the medical emergency).
  • After the request for help is sent, Rescu notifies your emergency contacts that you’ve called for medical assistance so they know that you’re having an emergency.
  • Once the first responders arrive, they’ll recognize that you have a MedicAlert ID and can contact MedicAlert’s emergency response team to gather the important medical and personal information that you may not be able to communicate yourself.
  • With your critical health information in mind, first responders can assess and treat you safely, avoiding anything that may negatively interact with your pre-existing condition.

Having both MedicAlert and the Rescu app can give anyone an all-encompassing personal safety solution and complete peace of mind.

Always Be Prepared with Rescu

While MedicAlert and Rescu work well together to provide the ultimate personal safety cushion, Rescu can be used in a variety of emergency situations that don’t necessarily need the help of a medical ID (like a home fire or burglary). For any of life’s unpredictable events, you can put your trust in Rescu to get you the help you need, and fast.

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