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Quick Guide: Water Safety for Parents and Caregivers
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Quick Guide: Water Safety for Parents and Caregivers


Essential water safety tips to ensure your summer fun is safe for everyone

Summer is here, and you know what that means…

It’s time to hit the water!

As a parent or caregiver, you want to create a safe environment for everyone, so they can make some unforgettable summer memories.  

Whether you’re splashing around in the backyard pool or on a family trip to the beach, there are water safety tips everyone should know to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and water-related emergencies.

The essential tips below will help you protect your loved ones during your favorite summer activities and enjoy the water with peace of mind.


Water Safety Tip #1: Consider Swim Lessons

If you don’t feel confident that you can teach your children to swim properly, consider investing in swim lessons.

Guidance from a coach will help your little ones develop essential skills like basic strokes, treading water, and, most importantly, the comfort and confidence to enjoy the water.


Water Safety Tip #2: Consider Learning CPR & First-Aid

Getting your CPR and First-Aid certification is simple and affordable, and it’s an empowering asset to have as a parent or caregiver. 

In just a couple of hours of in-class instruction, you’ll learn invaluable skills that can make all the difference during dangerous or life-threatening emergencies. 

Rather than waiting helplessly for medical responders to arrive, you can start providing care immediately, which may save someone’s life.


Water Safety Tip #3: Establish & Teach Water Safety Rules

Before the summer fun begins, it’s important to take a moment to set some ground rules with the family members and children you’re responsible for. 

These could be no running on the pool deck, never swimming alone, wearing floaties, avoiding the deep end (or deep water), listening to the lifeguard, parent, or caregiver in charge, and more. 

What rules you make and how many there are is up to you, but making sure everyone is on the same page before jumping in the water is a great way to ensure that safety is a priority.


Water Safety Tip #4: Maintain Constant Adult Supervision

Unless there’s a young adult that’s old enough to keep an eye on the children and inexperienced swimmers, there should always be an adult watching over everyone in the water.

If you’re hanging out with other parents while the kids are playing, make sure at least one of you keeps their undivided attention on the water at all times…

And whenever you’re on watch duty, do your best to minimize distractions like being on your phone or getting too caught up in conversation. When you need a break, make sure someone can take up watch right away so you don’t miss a thing.


Water Safety Tip #5: Prevent Unwanted Pool Access 

This water safety tip is for all the time you and your loved ones spend away from the pool. 

When there’s no adult to provide supervision, access to the pool should be totally restricted. 

That means installing lockable latches on your fence gates, keeping the sliding door and other backyard exits locked at all times, and, for added security, installing motion detectors around the pool deck or in the pool.


Water Safety Tip #6: Know Before You Go

If you’re headed to the beach, lake, or other body of water, always check the weather before you head out and keep an eye on it throughout the day. 

Storms can creep up pretty quickly, so it’s important to stay vigilant.

Also, check the water conditions before jumping in. Rough waters and certain wildlife can be dangerous for little ones and inexperienced swimmers. 

If you’re at the beach, the flags will tell you all you need to know. Anything other than a green flag is unsafe for children.


Water Safety Tip #7: Be Prepared for Emergencies

Even the best safety plan can’t completely remove the risk of accidents and injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare for emergencies.

With the Rescu app, you don’t have to worry about speaking with a dispatcher and explaining your emergency. With just two taps, you can dispatch fire, police, or medical first responders to your current location—no talking required.

This call-free system is twenty times faster than 911, and is especially helpful in situations where a phone call will prevent you from providing life-saving care. Rescu dispatches help directly to you in seconds, so you can focus more on what matters most. 

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the Apple Watch, so if you want to leave your phone in your bag or inside, you can supervise your swimmers free of distractions while still having the fastest way to get help in an emergency right at your fingertips.

Have fun in the sun safely this summer with the Rescu app. Download today and protect your loved ones for as little as $10 a month!

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