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Rescu for Travelers

Rescu for Travelers


Rescu is an important personal safety tool for those who travel frequently. Rescu, a modern personal emergency response system, is highly effective when paired with smart home systems.  For travelers, this is especially true because of the unique way Rescu works. Rescu sends help to your home or other identified address without you needing to be there. Rescu was created to overcome two critical gaps facing those who want great protection for their family and property.  

The first critical gap is the nature of 9-1-1 calls in some emergency situations. Verbal communication is not always possible or practical. Rescu provides a solution that requires no speaking. Rescu gets emergency responders to your dispatch address as fast as possible – likely faster than a 9-1-1 call.

The second critical gap is a location issue that will continue to plague 9-1-1 systems. Rescu allows the user to send help to their dispatch address even if the user is not currently in the same 9-1-1 jurisdiction as their home.  This is a very important point for travelers.

For a frequent traveler, such as myself, Rescu is especially powerful. I can send the appropriate emergency services to my home – from wherever I happen to be.  Combined with smart home technologies that I already have, I can respond to alerts and notifications by sending emergency services. When I get notifications from my cameras, motion detectors, smoke detectors, or doorbell, I can immediately respond. For travelers, this is a peace of mind only Rescu can provide.

Recently, when I was driving across the country with my son, I received an alert from my smart home system about motion in my backyard.  This was at a time we weren’t expecting activity. I was able to view the video instantly in my smart home mobile app and determine that our pool service was working at a time outside his normal schedule.  I did not need to dispatch emergency services. Had it been suspicious activity, I could have dispatched emergency services even though I was 1500 miles away – far outside my home’s 9-1-1 jurisdiction.

When travelling overseas, Rescu’s value is even greater for me because it is more complicated and slower to call emergency services from a foreign country. To do so, I would need to know the phone number for the police, fire, and medical services near my home. I would need to know the country code and dialing instructions for making a call to those numbers. Finally, I am not guaranteed the responders will answer or service a call coming from a foreign phone number. All of that is solved with Rescu – the press of a button, and no speaking required.

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