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Rising Crime in Southern California Sparks Personal Safety Concerns

Rising Crime in Southern California Sparks Personal Safety Concerns


It’s no mystery that the past two years have been incredibly trying for people everywhere.

With the lockdowns and other covid safety measures, people’s ability to work has been limited, schools have been shut down, and small businesses have suffered.

But is this the reason why cities in southern California — like Los Angeles — have seen such a drastic spike in crime recently?

It’s hard to say. But what is clear is the effect this trend has on the local population.

With notable increases in high-profile heists, home burglaries, robberies, violent crime, and even homicides, residents and business owners alike are being forced to rethink their approach to personal safety and property protection.

Crime statistics from recent years paint a clear picture as to why that is, and provide insight into how these events affect the lives of everyday people.


Property Crime Up By 4.2%

According to the LAPD, property crime — which includes criminal activities like burglary and car theft — increased by 4.2% from 2020 to 2021.

This increase is mainly due to the high incidence of car theft in the past two years, which has skyrocketed by almost 53% from 2019.

And although the burglary rate has steadily declined since 2019, several incidents took place in quick succession during the final months of 2021…

One of which turned deadly.

On November 21st, a group of burglars with sledgehammers attempted to smash through the storefront glass of Saks Fifth Avenue and Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills. But thankfully, the bulletproof glass stopped them in their tracks, and nothing was stolen.

In a separate incident just a month later, a man tried to break in and burglarize a Bel-Air home, only to be caught by the authorities.

But worst of all, on December 1st, Jacqueline Avant — famous philanthropist and wife of music legend Clarence Avant — was shot and killed in her Trousdale Estates home during an attempted burglary.

Luckily, the perpetrator was found and brought to justice…

But this tragic incident serves as a harrowing example of the recent spike in crime in Southern California.


Robberies Increased By 5.2% From 2020

Upscale neighborhoods and shopping centers seem to be the prime targets for most of the recent robberies in LA.

One incident involved armed robbers stealing around $100,000 worth of jewelry and other items outside the InterContinental Hotel.

In late October, thieves broke into TV star Dorit Kemsley’s Encino home and made off with one million dollars worth of jewelry, handbags, and other high-end merchandise.

And just one month prior, Zero’s — a famous store located on Melrose Avenue — was raided by armed robbers.

As shocking as these stories are, they’re just a few of the high-profile cases that took place last year.


Tragically, the LA homicide rate rose the most in 2021…

Increasing by a staggering 11.8% from 2020. 

Additionally, according to the LAPD, 1,459 victims were shot in 2021, which is a far cry from the 946 shootings in 2019.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Michel Moore announced that these statistics mark LA’s highest number of homicides in almost fifteen years.

Needless to say, these events have a significant effect on residents’ sense of security and peace of mind…


Public Impact, & How to Stay Safe

For those businesses that can afford it, bulletproof glass, more security personnel, and increased surveillance are the weapons of choice for combating robberies and property crime.

As for the public, people are changing everything from their schedules to what they wear to ensure their personal safety. Some avoid wearing expensive-looking jewelry to reduce the risk of robbery, while others are moving their daily walks to earlier in the day to feel safe.

But the worst part about this situation is that LA isn’t the only city experiencing a sharp increase in crime rates. 

Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Baltimore, and Kansas City are all showing similar trends, with homicide rates climbing much higher than that of LA.

Combine this nationwide uptick in emergencies with the fact that 911 centers everywhere are experiencing staffing shortages, and delays can become a very real issue for victims.

In some cases, victims are forced to wait anywhere from thirty seconds to several minutes to reach a 911 dispatcher.


This is time that simply can’t be wasted when lives are on the line

That’s where the Rescu app comes in.

Rescu puts lightning-fast emergency response in the palm of your hand by allowing you to get help in just two taps on your phone.

And thanks to our private dispatch center, your service will never be subject to the delays and limitations of the 911 system.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you set up your Rescu app, you’ll add your basic info, physical address (the app can hold up to four), relevant medical info, and emergency contacts (unlimited).
  2. In an emergency, all you have to do is tap Fire, Police, or Ambulance, and then tap Send Alert. (You don’t have to say a word)
  3. Rescu’s private dispatch center will immediately send the appropriate response team to your pre-selected address.
  4. The app automatically informs responders of your relevant medical info and sends an alert to all your listed emergency contacts.

If you’re a business owner, you can add your business address to the app. In the event that your security system notifies you of a break-in or other emergency, you can use Rescu to dispatch responders to your business immediately — no matter where you are.

And with Rescu Prime, our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system allows you to send help to your current location anywhere in the United States.

In an emergency, delays are a risk that nobody can afford.

Download the Rescu app today to protect you, your family, and your business — without compromising a single second.

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