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The Best Personal Safety Apps for Seniors On the Go
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The Best Personal Safety Apps for Seniors On the Go


As a caregiver, you want your elderly loved one to be healthy, safe, and confident enough to enjoy their independence.

For active, social seniors, a safety net they can rely on in case of a physical injury, medical issue, or another emergency helps provide that peace of mind.

Knowing they can notify their caregivers or emergency services if things go wrong will allow them to live a more relaxed and carefree life. It’ll also relieve some of the stress and worry for you, the caregiver.

Many seniors rely on wireless pendants with built-in GPS for safety on the go. However, technology has advanced to the point where smartphone apps can also serve as priceless resources in an emergency.

If you want to ensure your elderly loved one is protected wherever they go, check out this list of four of the best personal safety apps for seniors.


1. WebMD Symptom Checker App (Apple & Android)

If you’ve ever tried to Google your symptoms, chances are you’ve come across the WebMD website.

There’s no other place on the internet that attracts more people in search of information about health and wellness…

And lucky for us, they’ve condensed their massive database of medical knowledge into an easy-to-use app, along with a ton of other useful features. 

Here’s what the WebMD Symptom Checker App has to offer (the first three are perfect for the active senior):

  • Symptom Checker – If your elderly loved one is on the go and develops symptoms, they can select them in the app and learn what medical issue they may be experiencing, as well as possible treatment options.
  • Medication Reminders – For active seniors, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to take their meds. With the WebMD app, users can set up custom reminders to ping them when it’s time for their medication so they never miss a dose. This feature also includes images, dosage, and timing information for whatever pills they take.
  • Allergy Tracker – Allergies can put a damper on anyone’s day. But thanks to the WebMD allergy tracker, your senior will receive alerts when allergens are at high levels in their area. This feature also allows for location-based allergy level tracking.
  • WebMD Rx – Thanks to its partnerships with major pharmaceutical chains, the WebMD app can help seniors find the best prices for prescription medications.
  • Doctor Directory – Need a doctor? The WebMD app lets you search for the ones nearest to you, whether by your current location or city, state, or zip.
  • Conditions – Access WebMD’s database of peer-reviewed research on medical conditions and discover their causes, symptoms, and treatments.
  • Customization and Saving Functionality – Want to keep information about certain medical conditions, drugs, nearby doctors, and health articles handy? Simply save them in the app for later.
  • Drug Interaction Checker – Combining prescription medications can sometimes have dangerous consequences. WebMD’s drug interaction checker can help users identify any unsafe interactions and avoid them.


2. The Red Panic Button App (Apple & Android)

The name says it all.

The Red Panic Button App is just that: a big red button users can press to alert their loved ones that something’s wrong.

If your senior is out and about and experiences an emergency, they can press the red panic button to instantly send a text message and email with their GPS coordinates to every one of their pre-registered emergency contacts.

This is an excellent personal safety app for seniors because it allows them to notify their caregivers when they feel unsafe, become lost, or can’t talk over the phone.


3. The Medical ID App (Android Only)

This Android-exclusive app lets users create their own medical profile and access it from their lock screen — like a digital medical alert bracelet.

In situations where your loved one needs to call 911, the Medical ID app will give first responders easy access to their medical history, pre-existing conditions, emergency contacts, blood type, allergies, medications, etc. 

This information is crucial for medical personnel to properly treat and care for their patients — especially older patients. 

Medical ID also allows users to share their location with emergency contacts for up to twenty-four hours, even when the app is closed, giving caregivers better visibility and peace of mind.

With its glowing reviews and ease of use, we couldn’t leave Medical ID off our list of personal safety apps for seniors.


4. The Rescu App (Apple & Android)

Last on our leaderboard of personal safety apps for seniors is one that was largely designed for older adults.

The Rescu App is known as the fastest way to get help in an emergency because it eliminates the need to talk on the phone with a dispatcher.

In just two taps on their smartphone or Apple Watch — one tap to select fire, police, or ambulance, and one tap to send the emergency alert — your loved one can dispatch first responders to their preset physical address or current location anywhere in the US.

When they send an alert, Rescu will also automatically:

  • Send their pre-registered personal information to responders
  • Send their pre-registered medical information to responders, and…
  • Notify all listed emergency contacts via text

Wherever your elderly loved one’s social life takes them, Rescu offers the fastest emergency response (even faster than 911) in just two taps…

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, supported by a five-diamond, UL-certified private dispatch center.

Especially for at-risk seniors, every second saved during an emergency can make all the difference. 

Ensure both you and your loved one’s peace of mind and independence with the Rescu app today.

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