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How Much Does Life Alert Cost?
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How Much Does Life Alert Cost?


The original medical alert system, Life Alert offers rapid medical assistance for those who aren’t able to reach a phone and dial 9-1-1 during an emergency. For instance, Life Alert customers have a button nearby or a wearable device that they can speak into during an emergency.

Though Life Alert offers multiple package options, they often come at a hefty price.

Here, we answer the question, “how much does life alert cost?” and explain why similar medical alert systems, like Rescu, are more cost effective while also offering better life-saving services.

The Different Life Alert Package Options

Life Alert pricing varies depending on how many devices you choose to use. There are three primary devices available, all of which are waterproof: the emergency pendant, a shower button, and a portable GPS emergency button.

Life Alert Pendant

With the Life Alert Pendant-Only Plan you get to choose between a wristband or necklace pendant, each feature a button and when pressed verbally connects the wearer directly to the company’s emergency monitoring centers who send emergency responders.

Pricing for this plan is as follows:

  • Activation Fee: $95
  • Monthly Cost: $49.95 on a 36 month contract
  • Estimated Yearly Cost: $694

Life Alert Pendant + Shower Button

For added protection, another option people have with Life Alert is the pendant and shower button option. The shower button is a waterproof help button that is designed for the bathroom or bedroom. Users simply press the button and will be verbally connected to the Life Alert Emergency Monitoring Center.

The Life Alert Pendant + Shower Button is priced as follows:

  • Activation Fee: $96
  • Monthly Cost: $69.95
  • Estimated Yearly Cost: $935

Life Alert Pendant + Shower Button + Mobile

This plan includes a life alert pendant or bracelet (for use at home), the shower button, and the GPS emergency button. The GPS button is for emergencies away from home. The button can be taken in a purse or in your pocket and when pressed will verbally connect you to Life Alert’s Emergency Monitoring Center, regardless of location.

The cost for all three life alert devices is as follows:

  • Activation Fee: $198
  • Monthly Cost: $89.95
  • Estimated Yearly Cost: $1277

The Less Expensive, Reliable Alternative – Rescu

Rather than relying on a pricey pendant or bracelet, Rescu allows you to contact emergency responders through a smart phone app. With two taps of a button on your own phone, Rescu will immediately dispatch emergency responders to the locations you have saved to your account.

Rescu is unique in that it doesn’t require any talking and can help with more than just medical emergencies; it also allows you to contact police or fire departments making it easy to take control of your home security. And no matter what emergency service you dispatch, Rescu is the fastest way to get help in an emergency, thanks to their UL-certified central station that bypasses the 9-1-1 queue completely.

How Much Does Rescu Cost?

Rescu has 2 different versions available, both at much lower costs compared to any of the Life Alert devices.

  • The basic Rescu app includes only medical dispatch services to one listed address and the pricing is as follows:
    • Activation Fee: NONE
    • Monthly Cost: NONE
    • Yearly Cost: NONE
  • The upgraded Rescu Prime subscription includes ambulance, fire, and police dispatch services for up to four listed addresses (like your home, work, and any family member’s addresses) and the pricing is as follows:
    • Activation Fee: NONE
    • Monthly Cost: NONE
    • Yearly Cost: $60

Why so incredibly affordable, especially compared to Life Alert prices? Rescu is about ensuring that every single person can have immediate access to life-saving services. No contracts. No monthly charges. Just simple safety. Protect you and your loved ones with Rescu.

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