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6 of the Best Personal Safety Devices for Women
Personal Safety

6 of the Best Personal Safety Devices for Women


Protect yourself & put your mind at ease with these top-of-the-line wearable personal safety devices, apps, & self-defense tools for women

Traveling alone, meeting someone new, walking to your car, going out at night…

For women, these situations can often be unsafe. And if you don’t have any personal safety measures in place, they can be all the more stressful.

Luckily, the technology available today provides plenty of choices for women looking to upgrade their security.

From GPS-enabled wearable personal safety devices to state-of-the-art emergency response apps, the list below features six different options selected to fit a wide range of preferences. 

So, whether you’d like a subtle device that blends in with your clothing or a self-defense tool that can harm potential attackers, you’ll find something below that works best for you.


1. She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

The She’s Birdie personal safety alarm is a small device that easily attaches to your keychain, purse, or belt loop.

Whenever you feel unsafe, all you have to do is pull the top off to sound a blaring alarm and activate a bright, flashing strobe light.

The 130dB alarm is a nonviolent way to scare off potential aggressors and attract the attention of everyone in the area.

Once you feel safe again, simply reattach the top piece to shut it off.


2. InvisaWear Smart Jewelry & Accessories

InvisaWear offers several different pieces of jewelry and accessories that act as wearable personal safety devices.

They make everything, including fashionable necklaces, bracelets, keychains, fitness bands, and scrunchies—all equipped with an emergency panic button…

And the InvisaWear app allows you to update your emergency contacts and access additional features to take your safety and peace of mind to the next level.

When you feel threatened or have an emergency and your phone is out of reach, a quick double tap of the panic button will instantly notify emergency responders and send a text to your five listed emergency contacts (including a link to your exact location). 

Making a call or text isn’t always an option in dangerous or life-threatening situations. InvisaWear lets you send for help without ever having to touch your phone.


3. Flare Smart Bracelet

Similar to InvisaWear, the Flare Smart Bracelet is a wearable personal safety device that acts as an emergency lifeline and provides three different “exit strategies.”

In a crisis, pressing the panic button will send a message and your location to up to five emergency contacts. You can also set up your bracelet to send this information to a 911 dispatcher for fast emergency assistance.

Another great thing about Flare is its fake phone call feature. If you need to leave an uncomfortable situation, simply press the button to get a call with a pre-recorded message that will allow you to smoothly and safely make your exit.

And with stylish designs, including leather and beaded bracelets as well as safety cuffs, you can customize your Flare to your liking.


4. Sabre Pepper Gel 

If you’re open to using personal safety devices that cause harm to attackers, then Sabre Pepper Gel is an excellent choice.

When you use traditional pepper spray, there’s a chance that the wind could blow it back in your face.

But with Sabre Pepper Gel, the consistency creates a steady stream that ensures it won’t spread through the air and allows it to travel 20% farther.

This will not only help you keep your distance from your attacker, but also reduce the risk of spraying yourself when practicing self-defense.

Whether you want to clip the canister to your waist, attach it to a keychain, or keep it at the ready with a hand strap, Sabre offers several different models to choose from to suit your needs.


5. VIPERTEK VTS-195 Stun Gun & Flashlight

If you’re not afraid to get up close and personal, this self-defense tool is for you.

The name says it all. The VIPERTEK VTS-195 is a personal safety device that can give a nasty, high-voltage shock to any would-be attackers while also functioning as a bright flashlight to illuminate your surroundings at night.

If the threatening sound of the stun gun itself isn’t enough to scare someone off, then the 59-billion volt and 1.193 microcoulomb shock will definitely do the trick.

And the best part?

It comes with a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to worry about constantly buying new batteries to keep it working.


6. The Rescu App (iOS & Android)

Rescu turns your smartphone into a personal safety device of the future.

This state-of-the-art emergency response app is the fastest way to get help…

And that’s because it works independently of the 911 system, eliminating the common risks that come with it: dropped or unanswered calls, delays, rerouting, and time-consuming question-and-answer sessions.

With Rescu’s basic subscription, you can dispatch first responders to one of four pre-registered addresses with just two taps on your smartphone. One tap for the service you need—fire, police, or ambulance—and one to send the alert. No talking required.

Alerts are routed through Rescu’s privately-owned 5-Diamond UL-Certified dispatch center, so you’ll never have to wait to get the help you need. And if you’d like to stay in touch with a dispatcher throughout the process, you can do so over the phone or with the built-in two-way chat feature.

When you send out a distress signal, the app also automatically sends a text to all your listed emergency contacts and notifies your first response team of your pre-registered health conditions and relevant medical information. That way, when they arrive, they can provide you with fast, accurate care.

If you want protection wherever you go, Rescu’s GPS-powered Prime subscription allows you to dispatch help to your current location anywhere in the United States…

Still with just two taps and without having to say a word.

It’s the perfect lifeline to have on trips, on walks, on campus, or anywhere life takes you.

You deserve to feel safe. 

Download the Rescu app today to discover what true peace of mind feels like.

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