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Faster Emergency Response Times for Mass Shootings
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Faster Emergency Response Times for Mass Shootings


Buffalo, New York has experienced one of the saddest and most devastating events in living memory. 

A gunman opened fire on an unsuspecting black community-led grocery store…

An act of hate that has left a community in grief and despair. 

We at Rescu would like to first extend our condolences to the victims’ families and those who had to witness this traumatic event. 

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, the response from 911 was nothing short of disappointing. 

The grocery store’s assistant manager called to report the live shooter, and since the situation was ongoing, she whispered over the phone to keep a low profile. But when the dispatcher found that she was too difficult to hear, they hung up on her.

With the onset of panic and disarray, the last thing people need is additional fear that emergency services will be delayed or unprepared. Likewise, the inability to speak and communicate with an operator should never be a reason you don’t receive the fastest possible response.  

Response time is crucial in these incidents and, on average, the public dispatch service takes 12.5 minutes to arrive at the scene of a mass shooting. On top of that, the average amount of time it takes for someone to call the police after a gunshot is approximately 5 minutes. 

During a live shooter situation, these crucial minutes can be the difference between life and death. Not to mention, an emergency like this causes immense panic and despair for victims, making every second of exposure to continued danger feel like an eternity. 

Rescu is a leading private dispatch service that bypasses 911, connecting you directly to dispatch so you can receive the fastest possible emergency response times. With just two taps on the Rescu app, you can dispatch emergency services faster and more reliably. 

The GPS-powered service marks your exact location so response teams can find you quickly, without having to speak loudly over the phone with an operator. 

In fact, with Rescu, you don’t have to speak at all. 

The two taps simultaneously alert first responders and your emergency contacts, so you don’t have to utter a word or distract yourself from attending to a very pressing and present danger. 

According to FBI statistics, with each passing minute the survival rate of an active shooting drops 7-10%. Every moment matters, and having the fastest emergency alert system for you and your loved ones will save precious time and, most importantly, lives.

Rescu understands the value of rapid emergency response, and we’ve made it our mission to provide you and your loved ones with life-saving technology you can trust when you need it most. 

In your most vulnerable moments, let Rescu serve you.

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