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Essential tech for caregivers
Elder Care, Personal Safety

Essential tech for caregivers


Looking after a loved one is no easy task. It’s an important role that comes with many diverse challenges and tremendous responsibility. Fortunately, today’s technology offers more opportunities such as caregiver apps to help do the best job possible.

If you’ve been entrusted with a family member’s well-being, be sure to consider these must-have elder care technology solutions for modern caregivers.

Manage day-to-day needs, health care, and more online

Caregivers have a lot on their plate, from meals and medications, to doctor’s appointments. This is where digital tools and caregiver apps can be a big help.

AARP and Caring.com offer extensive online resources where you can find helpful answers to pressing questions. Mobile caregiver apps like CareZone and CaringBridge allow you to track medical information, health updates, medication, appointments, and more. With more technology for elder care, you can even check in virtually with your loved one through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, plus save a trip to the doctor’s office with new tele-health options.

Make your home smarter and safer

Smart home technology for elderly and integrations do more than make life more convenient. By connecting to the internet and other things around the house, they can help you provide better care.

Smart home options include:

  • Cameras to keep you aware, so you can react faster if something happens
  • Thermostats you can set remotely that adapt to your routines
  • Lights that can be easily controlled through your phone, voice, or timers
  • Smart speakers or digital assistants to find useful info or contact help if needed

Keep in step with your loved one

You may not be able to be around 24/7, but you can still stay informed. A GPS-enabled activity tracker, like a Fitbit or Lively™ Wearable, will allow you to monitor things like exercise, sleep, and more. Plus, should the need ever arise, you’ll have the ability to quickly locate your loved one. This gives them some much needed autonomy and gives you more peace of mind.

Upgrade to a smart phone

It may seem obvious to say that a smartphone is one of the most useful items in a caregiver’s toolbox. However, it can be a handy companion for your loved one as well. With its calendar, reminders, and health tracking apps—not to mention the traditional phone functions—a smart phone offers a helping hand and a sense of independence. There are even models specifically designed to be easier to use for less tech-savvy senior citizens.

Always be prepared for an emergency with Rescu

What is Rescu? It’s the caregiver app that provides assistive technology by letting you quickly send an ambulance, police, or the fire department to any address—even if you’re far away.

Say you’re out of town and you suddenly receive a notification that your smoke alarm has gone off or a medical emergency has taken place. Dialing 9-1-1 may not be your best bet. Traditional emergency dispatch can only respond within the area you’re calling from. What’s more, help could take nearly 30 minutes to arrive.

With the Rescu app, all it takes is two easy taps on your phone to get the fastest, most reliable response in any situation. Plus, your vital contacts will be automatically notified in case additional supported is needed. Compared to 9-1-1, it’s the quicker, easier solution for both you and your loved one.

Rescu empowers you to get family members the help they need, so you can rest easier with the knowledge that you’ll always be prepared for any health emergency. Find out more about the life-saving Rescu app, available for IOS and Android.

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