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How to Get the Best Value from Your Home Security
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How to Get the Best Value from Your Home Security


Smart home security systems are a major investment. Equipment purchases, recurring subscriptions, and unexpected costs all add up very quickly. For many home owners, a DIY approach is likely the most budget-friendly. Especially with how expensive professional monitoring can be.

For example, here’s a quick look at the typical cost for the year of an average professional system:
• Upfront setup — $250-$500
• Monthly subscription — $500 for the year
• Monthly equipment costs — $500 for the year

That comes out to nearly $1,500, not accounting for any additional equipment like extra cameras or motion sensors, and before factoring in incidental charges for service calls or false alarms.

On the other hand, while a DIY solution may offer more control at a much lower price, they can often overlook a key consideration—one most can’t afford to ignore. What happens when your system actually detects an emergency? This is where Rescu comes in.

The smart addition to your smart home security

Imagine this scenario. You’ve done your research, compared multiple options, and landed on what you need to keep your home safe. You put up cameras around the house, install an alarm, and set up smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Best of all, everything is connected to an app on your smart phone.

So you leave for vacation feeling confident you’ll be notified if something happens. Then you receive that emergency alert. Your first instinct may be to dial 9-1-1, but they can only respond within the area you call from. So far from home, that confidence can quickly transform into a feeling of helplessness.

With the Rescu app, you can take control—no matter where you are—and remotely dispatch emergency services to wherever you need them. You’ll be able to send help at a moment’s notice—all for a low annual cost

More savings, more peace of mind

It may seem like another subscription would negate the money saved with DIY security, but there is a way to offset the cost. One distinct advantage to going with a pro system is a discount on home insurance—something you would typically lose out on when doing things on your own.

However, since Rescu connects you to a UL-certified dispatch center, it can turn your current setup into an approved system that qualifies you for a lower premium. Just how much could this save you? Let’s run a few numbers.

According to Insurance.com, the national average cost for annual home insurance is $2,305. Meanwhile, a UL certificate could give up to 25% off.

Adding Rescu to your smart home security would save you nearly $600 a year.

Your home and your costs, covered

You don’t need a complex formula to see that this home insurance savings can pay for the annual cost of Rescu multiple times over. Better yet, the Rescu app delivers the best of both worlds. You’ll have the strength of a fully monitored system, at a fraction of the price, with the power to get the emergency help you need when you need it most.

With Rescu, you can quickly send an ambulance, police, or the fire department to any address—even if you’re not in the area. All it takes is just two easy taps on your phone and you’ll have the fastest, most reliable response in any emergency situation.

Rescu isn’t just a great way to make the most of your home security solution, it’s the easiest way to always be prepared for an emergency. Find out more about the life-saving Rescu app, available for IOS and Android.

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