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How to Get Faster Emergency Help in Public Transit Settings
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How to Get Faster Emergency Help in Public Transit Settings


On Tuesday April 12th, 2022, the Bronx, New York was rattled by a subway shooter who indiscriminately opened fire, injuring 10 unsuspecting individuals.

Rescu’s thoughts and well wishes go out to the victims and families whose lives changed in an instant. We also want to thank those who responded with a spirit of service, and those who were able to help reduce the chaos unfolding around this tragedy.

While there were, thankfully, no deaths, the impact of a traumatic event like this can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. Even those who weren’t directly impacted may feel more on edge while conducting otherwise routine daily activities.

For example, in light of this event, riding on public transit systems can seem daunting for many of us. The uncertainty of today’s environment, along with opening spaces to the public after a long pandemic, can create a constant level of anxiety when interacting with the world around us.

But having a reliable safety net that we have confidence in can help ease some of that anxiety.

In emergencies, we often rely on public dispatch services (like 911) that are known for helping out in times of need. However, these services may have geographic limitations. Or, you may be on the move, making it harder to share your location with first responders—especially when you aren’t in control of the vehicle (buses, trains, subway cars, etc.).

This means that if you call 911 on a train in Harlem, New York, by the time dispatch services arrive there, you could be in Manhattan. Needless to say, a situation like this will make it hard for emergency personnel to respond to your call for help.

That’s why it’s best for people using public transportation to strongly consider using GPS-enabled emergency dispatch services. These systems will help ensure they receive the quickest possible emergency response times—wherever they’re located.

The Rescu app is a leading private dispatch service that’s easily accessible to everyone, even those who may be traveling and aren’t familiar with the area. Rescu offers a GPS tracking system that can help you no matter where you are or where you’re traveling in the US.

As long as you’re in an area with cell service or WiFi functionality, Rescu can dispatch the first responders closest to your location and get you the help you need faster and more reliably than the public 911 system.

All it takes is two taps on your smartphone. One tap for the service you need—fire, police, or ambulance—and one tap to send the alert. You don’t even have to make a phone call.

The app will automatically notify Rescu’s private dispatch center, which will send your exact location to the nearest first responder team and dispatch them immediately. No questions asked.

After that, if you need to provide details about your emergency, you can use Rescu’s two-way chat feature or give your dispatcher a call in the app.

It’s always best to prepare for the unexpected. That way, when the moment arises, you’ll know exactly what to do.

At Rescu, saving lives is our priority, and we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service that gives you and your loved ones confidence and peace of mind.

When tragedy strikes, just tap twice with Rescu, and let us take care of the rest.

We understand that life is the most precious gift we have. That’s why it’s our promise, our mission, to provide the fastest and most dependable way to get help in an emergency.

At Rescu, we save lives!

Download the Rescu app today for 24/7 GPS-enabled emergency dispatch—anywhere in the US.

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