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GreatCall Medical Alert vs. Rescu: Which is Better?
Elder Care

GreatCall Medical Alert vs. Rescu: Which is Better?


Having instant access to first responders in a crisis can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Especially when it comes to the elderly population! Fortunately, there are many options for elderly medical alert systems on the market today that can ensure seniors have quick access to help — two being Rescu and GreatCall Medical Alert. But, while they are both viable options for seeking help in an emergency, which one is better?

What is Rescu?

Rescu is a free, personal safety app that offers the fastest way to get help in an emergency. In just two taps on your mobile phone, you can instantly dispatch emergency medical services to your pre-set address, without having to talk on the phone with an emergency operator.

With the upgraded version of the Rescu app, Rescu Prime, subscribers will have access to a suite of additional safety features. Rescu Prime allows users to request fire and police help (in addition to medical services included in the free version) to as many as 4 pre-set addresses.

How Does it Work?

Thanks to Rescu’s easy-to-use interface, it’s simple for anyone to request help during an emergency! Before using the app, you just need to input your emergency contacts (they’ll be notified when a request for help is sent) and setup your dispatch address so responders know where to go (like your home).

Once Rescu is all set up, it’s ready to use when an emergency strikes. Here’s how it works:

  1. During an emergency, open the Rescu app on your phone and choose which emergency service you need (Police, Fire, or Medical)
  2. Hit Send Alert and a signal is sent to Rescu’s UL-certified, 5 Diamond central station
  3. Emergency responders are sent to your dispatch address
  4. Rescu alerts your emergency contacts via SMS
  5. A confirmation screen will appear with information about responders heading your way

You’ll receive a call from the Rescu team for verification

Why is it Great for Seniors?

Rescu is an ideal solution for anybody looking to be prepared for the unexpected, but it can be especially beneficial to the elderly because it allows them to live more independently. With Rescu, seniors have a guaranteed way to get the fastest help in the midst of an emergency, which means they’re less likely to need family, friends, or a caretaker monitoring them often.

Not only that, but for elderly people who are hard of hearing or live with a medical condition, they may have difficulty communicating necessary information to an emergency operator over the phone. Rescu removes this hurdle completely by sending dispatch requests directly from your mobile device, without having to speak on the phone to anyone.

What is GreatCall Medical Alert?

A little bit different from Rescu, GreatCall Medical is a family of alerting systems designed specifically for the elderly community. Their alerting system consists of easy-to-use devices that you can register to be your primary cell phone. With your new device, you can easily get in contact with an IAED Certified 5-Star Agent who will contact the appropriate emergency dispatcher to get help sent.

How Does it Work?

GreatCall Medical Alert offers versatile services depending on the type of help you need. They offer 4 devices for users to choose from, the Jitterbug Smart2 telephone, Jitterbug Flip phone, Lively Mobile device, and Lively Wearable. In case of an emergency, GreatCall devices can get you help by following the following process:

  1. Press the Urgent Response button specific to your device to have a trained agent contact your GreatCall phone.
  2. Describe your emergency and confirm your location with the agent who will then contact emergency services on your behalf
  3. Stay on the line with your agent until your situation is resolved. Note that the agent can contact your loved ones to alert them to the situation.

GreatCall’s Link app allows friends and family to know if your device is running low on battery, check your daily activities, and let them know your location.

Why is it Great for Seniors?

The GreatCall family of products is designed specifically for the elderly community. Their devices feature big buttons and a front-facing speaker for extra volume for the hearing impaired. Additionally, GreatCall Medical Alert devices have a user-friendly format for those who are less tech-savvy.

Comparing Medical Alert Systems: Features and Benefits

When it comes to personal safety, getting help should be simple. Both GreatCall Medical Alert and Rescu are great alerting options for seniors, thanks to their respective easy-to-use interfaces. Here’s how their features stack up against each other:

Rescu: The Simple and Inexpensive Option

There are many personal safety device options on the market today to meet a variety of needs. Although features range in each, the most important aspect is alerting for and getting help in an emergency quickly. And for that, there is no better option than Rescu.

Unlike GreatCall medical alerting systems, Rescu doesn’t route you through the 9-1-1 dispatch service or add any unnecessary steps between requesting help and receiving it. With Rescu, you or a loved one can live independently knowing that you have access to the fastest emergency dispatch service available in the palm of your hand.

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