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4 Real-Life Examples: Using Rescu in Emergency Situations

4 Real-Life Examples: Using Rescu in Emergency Situations


When you’re in an emergency situation, the most important thing is to get help as quickly as possible. But traditional emergency dispatch methods, like dialing 9-1-1, may be difficult or impossible as the victim’s ability to communicate could be significantly impacted. Thanks to Rescu, emergency help is as easy as 2 taps on your mobile device. 

Sometimes, using Rescu during an emergency could be the difference between life and death; and these 4 types of emergency situations are great real-life examples of how Rescu could have been used or was successfully used to make a difference in an emergency situation.

Palo Alto Woman Almost Dies Trying to Explain What’s Wrong

Last year, a 54-year-old woman from Palo Alto nearly died because a 9-1-1 dispatcher mishandled her dispatch request. After struggling to communicate, the dispatcher proceeded to send medical and police dispatch. Medical aid arrived within 5 minutes, but were told to wait for police to arrive because they believed she was under the influence or hysterical. 

Upon arrival, police proceeded to interrogate her, assuming she was not in a right state of mind. This miscommunication resulted in a near 15-minute delay that could have been spent helping the victim get the appropriate medical assistance. 

How Rescu Could Have Made a Difference

In this specific situation, Rescu could have been used by this woman to request medical dispatch to her home, by-passing the 9-1-1 queue completely. Because of that, she would not have had to wait for police to arrive to receive medical assistance, saving precious minutes! 

In addition, seeing as how she struggled to appropriately communicate with the dispatcher, there was a significant miscommunication that wasted valuable time. With the Rescu app, no talking is required to request for medical help, just 2 simple taps on a mobile device. 

Young Girl Calls 9-1-1 While She Hides from an Intruder

In 2018, a young girl was forced to call 9-1-1 after an intruder broke into her home. Luckily, the girl and her younger brother were able to get into the bathroom and lock the door without being noticed by the intruder. There, they communicated with the dispatcher their location and information about the situation. 

Once on the scene, police noted that the intruder had a gun and charged in to apprehend the individual. Thankfully, the intruder didn’t find the children before police were able to contain the situation. 

How Rescu Could Have Made a Difference

Communicating during a home invasion is not only difficult, but incredibly risky as you don’t want to have your location identified by the intruder. If the intruder had heard the children in the bathroom, the situation could have quickly turned dire. 

In this situation, Rescu Prime (the upgraded version of Rescu) could have made a difference by allowing the young children to send police to their home without having to talk on the phone at all while hiding. Since Rescu does not require you to speak, the chances of being identified by an intruder are significantly lower.

Man Watches House Get Burglarized from Another State

Unfortunately, home invasions are a common crime. Using his security cameras, a Phoenix resident was forced to watch as a man burglarized his home while he was away. Once he noticed, he signaled the system’s alarm which scared the intruder off his property.

Though the intruder did not manage to get any of the homeowner’s valuables, the intruder managed to evade getting caught and left him stuck with a broken window to clean up and replace.

How Rescu Could Have Made a Difference

Even though the intruder did not manage to get any of the victim’s valuables, they got away completely unscathed. With Rescu Prime, the homeowner could have dispatched police to his home right away and potentially caught the individual. 

Furthermore, since calling 9-1-1 isn’t always a viable option when you are away from your home, Rescu could have been used to dispatch police to his home, rather than forcing him to rely solely on the alarm system. 

Kingston Couple’s Home Catches Fire While They’re Away

While out, a couple in Kingston, Washington were notified by their smart smoke alarms of a fire in their home. Luckily, they contacted 9-1-1 and dispatch was able to contain the fire to the back deck and the attached room. Though dispatch was swift, situations like this are common and can have less ideal outcomes. 

How Rescu Could Have Made a Difference

Fires happen every day and result in families losing their homes, especially if the family is out of town and cannot call 9-1-1. With Rescu Prime, individuals can request the fastest emergency dispatch service the second their smart smoke alarms notify them of a fire, regardless of their location. This could save valuable minutes and spare someone’s home, valuables, and life! 

Always Have Easy Access to Emergency Help

Though many of these cases resulted favorably, every day there are similar situations that arise, leaving people in a compromised position due to slow dispatch times, polluted 9-1-1 lines or the inability to communicate. 

With Rescu, you can bypass these issues altogether, take control of your emergency situations, and keep you and your loved ones safe. The Rescu app is free to download for medical dispatch and can be upgraded to Rescu Prime to include fire and police dispatch at any time for additional protection.

Be prepared for any emergency situation with Rescu.  


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