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The Benefits of Having Wireless Security Cameras in Your Home
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The Benefits of Having Wireless Security Cameras in Your Home


Nearly 38% of Americans own an at home camera security system and, according to a recent survey, the main motivation is to feel safe. However, many consumers still consider home security systems a luxury. 33% of those same survey participants said they would like to have one, but don’t because they’re too expensive.

While some security camera systems are more on the costly side (when you add up the installation and monthly costs), having wireless security cameras can actually cut costs as a result of their easy self-installation. But, that’s just one of their many advantages. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of wireless security cameras:

Easy Installation and Relocation

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a wireless security system is not needing to have a technician install them. Almost all wireless systems can be installed yourself, without the need to run cords to the base or even be near an outlet. With mounting kits that only require magnet bases or small manageable screws, wireless security cameras are an especially great option for people renting homes.

Not only are they easy for anyone to install themselves, but they also allow for a lot of flexibility. Whether you are moving to a new home or just want to reposition the surveillance cameras in a different room, you can simply take them down yourself and move them to a new location without the need to call a technician.

Reasonable Start-Up Cost

Another great benefit of having wireless security cameras is that the start-up costs are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional wired cameras, thanks to the DIY installation. Of course, with any security system (wireless or not), you have to purchase all needed equipment, but the installation is where wireless cameras will save you money up-front. Because you can install them yourself, it will cost you nothing but your time and some tools to get them up and working.

On the other hand, the complexities that come with hard wiring multiple cameras, control panel set up, and connecting monitoring systems require a skilled technician. With wired security cameras, it will cost you about $150-$200 per camera for a technician to get them installed. So depending on how big your home is and how many cameras you’ll need, the installation costs alone can get hefty.

Full Home Integration and Mobility

For those people who have a general preference for smart home appliances and are more tech-savvy, wireless security cameras have many advantages. Wireless systems easily integrate with many smart home tools (like smart thermostats and keyless locks) providing the user with full home automation.

In addition, most wireless security cameras can be accessed with an iOS or Android app. So if you’re down the street at a neighbor’s house or out of the country on vacation, your data is always easily accessible. Some of the most popular wireless cameras on the market are even fully compatible with smart systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If there is a monthly fee associated, it’s generally for added storage, extra features, or access to previously recorded footage.

Take Your Home Security a Step Further

While wireless security cameras can give you visibility into what’s going on at your home, they can’t call for help if there’s an emergency situation. This is where there is opportunity to take your home security even further with an emergency response app like Rescu.

Rescu allows you to contact the police, fire department, or an ambulance with just 2 taps on your phone. If you find that your home is being burglarized, you can dispatch the police to your home address in seconds with Rescu, making it the perfect add-on to your home security system.

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