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How the Nest Security System Works
Home Security

How the Nest Security System Works


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Feeling safe in your home, and knowing your pets and possessions are protected when you leave is never overrated. This is why so many people invest in home security systems. Typical surveillance platforms may have obnoxious alarms or notifications or may require you to input a code before rushing out the door, but systems like Google Nest Security take more of a next-generation approach.

With intelligent sensors that are connected to your phone, Nest Home Security System is simple to use and provides the feeling of safety whether you’re in your home or away.

What is the Google Nest Security System?

The Nest Security system is an extensive product line that utilizes numerous devices and sensors for full home automation. It’s purpose is to protect your home from intruders without any inconvenience to you or your family.

What’s nice about Nest Security is that it’s multi-functional. It can detect the opening and closing of doors and windows, allows your dog and/or kids to easily run in and out without triggering the alarm, and has a quiet setting when the rest of the house is sleeping.

For added convenience, the Nest app gives you the opportunity to customize your settings, like choosing the number of minutes before arming and having a “no delay” setting on doors you don’t use.

Having all these components in one product may seem complex, but one of the best features of the Nest Security System is that it’s user-friendly. From the time you open the box to daily use, it’s designed to be a burden only to intruders.

How Nest Home Security Works

To understand how Nest works, you’ll need to know about the important pieces of equipment that come with it. Each system comes fully equipped with:

  1. Nest Guard: Nest Guard acts as the base. It is a keypad, alarm, and motion sensor with Google Assistant built in.
  2. Two Nest Detect Sensors: These sensors can be installed on the windows to detect opening, on the walls to detect motion, and on doors to detect both motion and opening/closing.
  3. Two Nest Tags: Forget punching in a code. Simply, wave your tag over the Nest Guard to disarm the system.

All of these individual pieces of equipment work together in perfect harmony to protect your home to the fullest. They’ll just need to be setup correctly and maintained.

Getting Set Up

Google wanted Nest Security to be as simple as possible, so you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to make it work. With Wi-Fi, simply download the app to your phone or tablet and follow the prompts. No matter how many Google Nest products you end up getting for your home, you can manage and configure them using a single app, which facilitates the setup.

Prefer to be talked through it? A Nest Pro is at your service. They are experts in the Nest Security System and can walk you through the whole process.

Using Google Nest Security

Once your security system is installed and configured, there’s little you need to do to use and maintain it. The devices even notify you through the app when their batteries are running low.

If you want to make your home even more safe, you can get a set of Nest Protect devices for smart smoke detection, a smart Nest Hello video doorbell, or the Nest x Yale lock to automatically lock the door when nobody’s home.

The Benefits of Nest Home Security

Nest comes with many benefits, but nothing is more apparent than how simple and convenient it is to protect you, your family, and your home. Especially compared to other options out there.

The simplicity starts with how all the Nest Security products are designed to seamlessly work together. This means that incorporating new devices into your existing security system is as easy as installing them and letting the app monitor them. And, how about that? You can manage Nest Security from your phone, eliminating the need to dial in codes or manually set up the devices! Not to mention, the Nest Tags make disarming your Nest Home Security system completely effortless.

Using Nest is just plain easy. You don’t have to memorize any passcodes or follow complicated instructions. With a dog pass setting, a quiet setting, and an incorporated path light when coming in after dark, the Nest Security system is virtually undetected.

Home Safety & Personal Safety Go Hand-in-Hand

While Google Nest products are a great option for securing your home, the Rescu app can take care of your personal safety. Using Rescu is simple and allows you to dispatch fire, police or medical help in a matter of seconds, which can sometimes be the difference between life and death. It simply is the fastest way to get help in an emergency.

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