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Rescu Supports First Responders, Our Local Heroes

Rescu Supports First Responders, Our Local Heroes


Rescu isn’t just redefining emergency response. It’s aiding & advocating for the brave men & women who respond to emergencies

The service first responders provide to their communities is priceless. 

Every day they put on their uniforms, they allow us to go about our lives with the comfort of knowing that if something goes wrong, a highly-trained professional will be there to help us.

As a pioneer in emergency response technology, Rescu’s mission is not only to provide everyday people with the fastest way to get help in an emergency…

But also to support the men and women who dedicate their lives to saving others.


Lightning-Fast Crisis Response With Two Taps

If you’re unfamiliar with Rescu, it might surprise you to learn that its emergency response times are twenty times faster than 911—consistently and for all users.

Here’s why…

With just two taps on your smartphone, you can dispatch police, fire, or medical first responders to your address or current location anywhere in the US—without saying a word.

This eliminates the need for the dispatcher “interview,” the series of questions that’s often far too time-consuming, difficult, or even impossible in many emergencies. 

The app also stores your relevant property, personal, and medical information. When you send an alert, Rescu automatically sends all this critical info to your dispatcher and first response team, saving even more time.

Finally, Rescu lets you add as many emergency contacts as you like. As soon as you tap Send Alert, the app will automatically send a text to all your friends and family telling them you’re in an emergency and exactly where to find you.

The Watchlight Corporation, a full-service alarm and monitoring company with 50 years of experience saving lives, developed this technology to give people just like you the peace of mind of round-the-clock protection—no matter where your life takes you.


Who Are First Responders?

First responders are the front line of public safety. These are our police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel. 

The ones who go to battle against chaos every day so the rest of us can enjoy order. The brave men and women who fight crime, pull victims from burning buildings, and provide life-saving care on the way to the hospital.

First responders take on all the unthinkable problems that we often have the luxury of never worrying about. 

Day in and day out, they see the worst…

And they stand up to it with unwavering courage, putting their lives at risk so others can survive.


Making Their Jobs (and Lives) Easier

We created the Rescu personal safety app with both victims and first responders in mind. The technology we developed empowers emergency personnel with vital information, unrivaled efficiency, and consistent communication.

Vital Information

As we mentioned above, Rescu allows users to provide specific information about their property and health conditions. 

This info removes unknowns for the first response team, telling them everything they need to know to provide fast, accurate care when they arrive.

Unrivaled Efficiency

Plus, since Rescu is a subscription service that operates independently of the 911 system, non-emergency calls aren’t a problem. 

Over 99% of Rescu alerts are real emergencies, meaning first responders will virtually never have to worry about wasting their time on calls where they’re not actually needed.

A big reason for this is that new users receive education on how to set up the app properly and guidance on sending alerts in an emergency. 

Consistent Communication

Throughout the emergency response process, Rescu’s UL-certified monitoring center maintains a constant line of open communication between the victim, dispatcher, and response team.

For first responders, every second is critical. The more information they have (and the quicker they get it), the better and faster they can tackle the problem.

The Rescu personal safety app ensures that all parties are always in touch with one another, giving everyone involved the best chance of success.


Off-the-Clock Support for Responders & Their Families

Rescu’s dedication to supporting emergency personnel doesn’t stop at the app’s features.

We also provide organizational support for those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder…

A serious condition that, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, affects nearly one in three first responders.

Seeing what these men and women see on a daily basis comes at a high cost for many, and they deserve access to all the resources they need to heal.

Additionally, we provide support for first responders’ families and regularly participate in community outreach with our many business partners.

These local heroes put their lives on the line for us every single day. No amount of money or support could ever repay them, but these efforts are the least we can do.

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