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Rescu: Not Just Another Mobile App Company
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Rescu: Not Just Another Mobile App Company


Our mission is to empower people nationwide with the best in emergency response technology, & we’re just getting started

When the App Store launched fifteen years ago, it had just 500 apps available for download. Now, there are over 8 million.

Since the beginning of the smartphone revolution, mobile app companies have sprung up everywhere, looking to create the next viral sensation that tops the charts and generates millions in revenue…

But some, like Rescu, aren’t in it for a quick buck. We founded Rescu with a singular purpose: 

To save lives. 

And as the flavors of the week come and go, we’ll stay committed to our mission for the long haul, providing everyday people with a personal safety app that offers round-the-clock protection wherever they go.


The Fastest Way to Get Help

Rescu is a personal safety app that turns your phone into a 24/7 lifeline. 

With just two taps, you can dispatch fire, police, or medical first responders to your pre-listed address or current location anywhere in the United States. No talking required.

With no need for a phone call and an emergency alert system that takes seconds to activate, Rescu provides the fastest way to get help in an emergency.

Created by the Watchlight corporation—an El Cajon company that’s been developing security technology for half a century—this personal safety app helps people all across the country protect themselves, their loved ones, and their homes.


An Emergency Response App Born From a Real Emergency

The idea for the Rescu personal safety app was dreamt up from a living nightmare

One night at home, founder Paul Piscatelli was hit with sudden and severe stomach cramps. He tried calling out to his wife, but she was asleep upstairs.

Luckily, he was able to fight through the pain and make it to the phone to call 911.

The dispatcher picked up and started asking questions about his emergency, but Paul was in so much pain that he found it hard to speak. A conversation that would normally take less than a minute was dragging on, all while his condition was growing worse.

Naturally, he found himself getting frustrated and impatient. He had no idea whether his life was in danger. All he knew was that he needed help immediately, but the nature of the 911 system was getting in the way.

Finally, despite the immense pain, he was able to provide the dispatcher with the information they needed, and an ambulance arrived thirty minutes later. But Paul was well aware that if his condition was deadly, the need to speak over the phone could have cost him his life.


Built on a 50-Year Foundation of Expertise

The Watchlight Corporation has been providing full-service security and monitoring support for over 50 years. That’s half a century of protecting homes and saving lives.

With Rescu, our goal was to eliminate the need to talk to a dispatcher to get emergency help…

And we put every second of our expertise into redefining personal safety with modern technology.

Now, Rescu users nationwide have state-of-the-art emergency response (and peace of mind) at their fingertips, allowing them to get help faster than 911—without wasting valuable time on the phone.


Personal Safety for the Modern Age

We’re in an age of technology where we carry our smartphones wherever we go. 

Our busy lives keep us on the move, and our phones allow us to stay connected to work, family and friends, and emergency services, if needed. 

Unfortunately, however, the current state of the public 911 system leaves many people without a dependable lifeline. 

Understaffed call centers and floods of non-emergency calls make the promise of timely crisis response uncertain in many areas of the country.

That’s where Rescu comes in.

Responding to the new age in personal safety, Rescu provides subscriber-dedicated service that’s not open to the public, ensuring you’ll never have to wait for help in an emergency.

Just two taps on your smartphone and help is on its way. Here’s what you can expect from the Rescu personal safety app:

  • Faster emergency response than 911 (twenty times faster, in fact).
  • The ability to immediately dispatch police, fire, or medical services to up to four physical addresses with just two taps.
  • GPS-based dispatch—police, fire, or medical services sent to your exact location anywhere in the United States.
  • Automatic emergency contact notification via text.
    • As soon as you send an alert, Rescu sends a text to all your friends and family, listing that you’re experiencing an emergency, the type of emergency, and a Maps link to your current location.
  • Automatic transfer of critical information to first responders.
    • When you send an alert, Rescu sends your pre-listed medical condition and property information to your first response team.
  • Optional two-way text chat or phone call with dispatchers throughout the emergency.
    • If you’re able and willing, you can open a chat or call your dispatcher to provide more information about your emergency.


This is Just the Beginning

With Rescu, we’ve created a personal safety app that offers modern solutions to modern emergency response problems.

When we started, there were already several ways of getting help at home with the push of a button. But not from your phone, and not twenty times faster than 911. So, we developed a way to do it.

The technology to provide Americans with GPS-based dispatch from their phone anywhere in the country didn’t exist. So we created it.

And although we’ve already made massive leaps in the field of personal safety technology, we’ve only just begun.

Our mission is to save lives, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Download the Rescu app to upgrade your emergency plan today.

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