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A Review of The Smart911 App
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A Review of The Smart911 App


Contacting dispatch is a stressful and necessary first step in the event of an emergency. The Smart911 app can help in this situation because it collects the information dispatch operators need to know about a caller before sending aid.  At the end of the day, absolute safety for you, your family and property is the end goal. We dive into what you need to know about Smart911 here in this review.

What is the Smart911 App?

Smart911 is a mobile app linked to emergency dispatch services in the U.S. In other words, this app calls 911 for you. It allows users to share their personal information such as medical info, address, location, and general household info with the emergency operators. The app is funded by public agencies who have made it free to use for the general public.  Smart911 is accessible for all and beneficial to anybody with a smartphone.

How Does Smart911 Work?

When using the Smart911 app on your registered device, the system identifies the phone number and shares the information in the profile (including medical conditions, pets, address and caregiver contact info) with the operator taking the emergency call. This way, those who can’t verbally communicate either because they’re panicked or in an unsafe situation can transmit their details to the emergency service. If, for example, a person suffers from a chronic disease and has an attack, Smart911 shares the details of their illness with the ambulance service when a call is being initiated.

Information You Add to Your Smart911 Safety Profile

As soon as the registration with Smart911 is complete, the app sends the user to the Safety Profile page, where they can edit their personal information, including:

  • Home address
  • Emergency contacts
  • Preferred emergency providers
  • Information about the user’s vehicle
  • Information from the user’s driver’s license
  • Physical details from hair color to blood type and birthmarks or tattoos. This section is also reserved for medical records of the user.

The user is the only one in control of the Safety Profile information, so no one else can access or edit the details. The information is kept private and shared only with the 911 call takers. At-risk users have the option of registering for the access and functional needs registry in which their personal information will be shared with their community’s Emergency Managers helping them identify parties who may need additional aid in the event of a disaster.

Limitations of Smart911

Unlike with the Rescu app, Smart911 can’t be accessed just by tapping a button and requires the user to place a call to emergency services. Further limiting its reach, it does not offer services for specific communities with specific needs such as the deaf community. Additionally, certain emergency situations require more of a discreet course of action such as home invasions or kidnappings, which Smart911 can’t fully accommodate.

Smart911 vs. Rescu

From a convenience and efficiency standpoint, we hear that Rescu is much easier and faster to use than Smart911. By using Rescu you can quickly send out a fire, police, or medical alert and get the immediate help you need. Here’s how Rescu can help:

  • Send aid in as little as 2 taps
  • Doesn’t require a security system to be active
  • Contact emergency services without the user making a phone call
  • Cuts out the lengthy conversation with 911 dispatchers and directly connects to emergency services
  • Instantly sends a text to the “Friends and Family” notifying them their loved one needs help

Bypass the 9-1-1 call routing system with the fastest and most efficient emergency help button solution. Prepare for an emergency and save precious minutes when a real emergency occurs. Rescu can not only save you valuable time during an emergency, Rescu can literally help save you and your loved ones lives.

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