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Steps We Can All Take to Stay Safe While We Stay at Home
Personal Safety

Steps We Can All Take to Stay Safe While We Stay at Home


One thing COVID-19 has certainly taught us is that when danger comes knocking, you better be prepared to answer. The pandemic seemed to come out of nowhere and turn the world on its head. In a matter of weeks, it disrupted our daily lifestyles, entire industries, and international economies.

The pandemic panic led many people into a shopping frenzy, clearing out shelves at grocery stores overnight. Shortages for essential items like toilet paper were a stark reminder of how important it is to have essential supplies, and a plan on hand at all times.

Whether it’s a global pandemic, natural disaster, or common household emergency having an action plan ready-to-go can save you and your loved ones’ lives.

Stay safe at home

The quarantine has forced people from all walks of life to stay-at-home. Kids, adults, parents, and grandparents are trying to navigate the new normal while in lockdown mode. With more family members spending time together under the same roof, accidents are more likely to arise.

House fires, allergic reactions, slips and falls, heart attacks, and other medical emergencies are all common occurrences that could require emergency services. Having a plan for when these situations happen can prevent harm to you and your loved ones. 

Being prepared for a crisis

The first step to keeping your family safe is starting the conversation. Together you should create an emergency checklist and action plan for various scenarios. Discuss what everyone should do if grandpa has a heart attack, or the house suddenly goes up in flames. Decide whose responsibility it is to call for fire, ambulance, or police. Know what steps you and your loved ones should take to avoid panic and stay safe.

You can find a library of resources to help prepare your family for common household emergencies and natural disasters at the Red Cross. It’s important to create your plan and build your toolkit long before trouble arrives.

Have the essentials ready-to-go

A checklist, plan, and supplies are all essential to preparing your family for unexpected crises. You’ll want to have Rescu as a part of your plan. What is Rescu? It’s the life-saving app that gives you the fastest way to call for help in an emergency. With just two taps you can send ambulance, fire, or police to your location.

Rescu connects you directly to dispatchers so you can get help as fast as possible. In the event of an emergency, Rescu automatically messages your vital contacts. By keeping your entire family in the loop everyone can do their part to help.

You can also store medical information for you and your family members, giving first responders access to critical health details before they even arrive on the scene.

Rescu is an emergency essential. It’s the app that saves lives when everyday events turn into emergencies. With Rescu you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is prepared, help is just two taps away.

Rescu empowers you to take control of you and your family’s safety. Everyone in your home can be more prepared for emergencies. With Rescu a fast, reliable response is only two taps away. Learn more about the life-saving Rescu app, available for iOS and Android.

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