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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Better Personal Safety
Personal Safety

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Better Personal Safety


Give your sweetheart the gift of peace of mind with these personal safety-boosting Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are always a safe bet, but they aren’t the only way to express your love this holiday.

Why not get creative and add something to the list that will protect them and help them feel safe wherever they go?

A gift that ensures their personal safety can be just as big a show of love and compassion as a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates—and it’ll last much longer too!

Take a look at the list below for five unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will improve your partner’s security and peace of mind.


Strobe Light for Running & Biking

Sometimes wearing brightly-colored clothing isn’t enough to stand out when walking, running, or biking at night.

If your sweetheart likes to get their cardio in after sundown, a strobe light is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea.

A bright, flashing safety light will make sure nearby runners, bikers, and drivers always know where they are, easing some of the stress that comes with exercising near busy streets. 

They can even use it while walking the dog, strolling around the neighborhood, or grabbing the mail if it helps them feel safer.

The great part about these handy little tools is that they easily clip onto any bike or piece of clothing, making set up quick and hassle-free. They also come in packs of two, so your partner can clip one on the front and the other on the back for extra visibility.


Amcrest ProHD Security Camera

If your partner has an older relative or pet at home, or they simply want to keep an eye on things while they’re away, check out the Amcrest ProHD Security Camera.

This high-tech Valentine’s Day gift will give them an “eye in the sky” they can access from their smartphone anytime.

The camera features a wide-angle (103 degrees), high-resolution, five-megapixel lens that provides high-quality video, a microphone for one-way audio, and infrared LEDs for night vision up to 98 feet.

Whether they set it up indoors or outdoors, the Amcrest ProHD will give them a clear, steady video feed that they can store in the Cloud and playback on any computer or smartphone.

And thanks to its Power over Ethernet (PoE) design, setup is as simple as turning it on, downloading the Amcrest View app, scanning a QR code, and following a few easy steps. 

Just make sure you pick up a PoE injector or switch, as these items aren’t included when you purchase the camera.


Self-Defense Training 

Research shows that self-defense training can improve a whole lot more than just knowledge of what to do in an altercation, such as comfort when interacting with others, self-esteem, body positivity, and more.

So, why not give your partner a Valentine’s Day gift that will elevate their personal safety and benefit several other aspects of their life?

You could even turn it into a couples activity and take the classes together. Then, it’s not only a great form of exercise that teaches you valuable self-defense skills, but also a way to bond with your partner!


August Smart Lock

This Valentine’s Day gift is the perfect choice for tech lovers.

The August Smart Lock is a Wi-Fi-powered device that takes the place of your inside deadbolt and allows for wireless lock control through the August app.

That means, as long as they have their phone on them, your partner will have keyless access to their home and can lock or unlock their door from anywhere. The app also keeps track of all lock activity in a live feed, so they’ll always know if someone gains unwanted access.

But that’s not all.

If your Valentine is expecting visitors, they can create unique codes set to work on a schedule or never expire, so they’ll know who goes in or out and when.

And if they already have a smart home system, there’s a good chance the August Smart Lock will easily integrate with it, because it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, and more.


Rescu Prime Subscription

With round-the-clock access to emergency services anywhere in the United States, the Rescu app is like a guardian angel.

With just two taps on their smartphone, your partner can dispatch first responders (fire, police, or ambulance) to their current location within seconds. 

There’s no phone call, no answering questions, and no waiting—that’s what makes Rescu the fastest way to get help in an emergency.

When they send an alert, the app immediately sends a text to all their listed emergency contacts, so you’ll know right away when something’s wrong.

At the same time, Rescu notifies responders of your partner’s pre-registered health conditions and relevant medical information to ensure they get the care they need.

Starting at just $10 a month, Rescu Prime is an affordable Valentine’s Day gift that will improve your sweetheart’s personal safety and give you both peace of mind.

Click or tap below to download Rescu today!

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