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Husband Uses Rescu to Save Wife’s Life From 3 States Away
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Husband Uses Rescu to Save Wife’s Life From 3 States Away


Rescu’s home address dispatch service saves a California family from tragedy in this user testimonial

The following is the true story of John, a Rescu subscriber whose wife had a life-threatening emergency while he was away from home.

During an out-of-state business trip, he got a call from his wife, who was in so much pain she could hardly speak. But luckily, John was able to think quickly and take action to get her the help she needed.

Here is his story.


Hello, my name is John…

And I would like to tell you how Rescu saved my wife’s life. 

My wife and I live in Southern California with our three young children. In my line of work, I travel frequently—usually short trips for sales and technical support. Sometimes I don’t go too far from home, but my business trips often take me out of state. 

While I am away, I like to stay in touch as much as possible, so my wife and I communicate a lot. She calls me and I get to talk with the children so I don’t miss the happenings in their day.


Recently, I Was in Texas on Business…

When I received a call. It was my wife.

She was in tremendous pain—so much that it was difficult for her to speak

I knew there was no way she could navigate a 911 call by herself. If she could barely talk to me, how would she communicate with the dispatcher?

But I couldn’t call 911 myself. I was three states away. By the time I found the right number for local emergency services and explained my situation to the dispatcher, several minutes would have gone by.


That’s When I Opened the Rescu App on My Phone

I always have it on my home screen in case of emergency. 

Luckily, I was already on my phone, so I was able to send an alert in just a few moments.

Rescu dispatched an emergency medical team to my home address within seconds and notified my emergency contacts with the location. Along with dispatch, Rescu sent my wife’s health history and medical conditions to the EMTs.

My brother was notified—as well as other friends and family—and he showed up at the house at the same time as the EMTs.

He provided the first responders with additional family health information and immediately took care of the children.

My wife was given life-saving care on the scene and then taken to the hospital. Our children had family care right away, and additional family members began to arrive without needing to be called.


I Don’t Know What I Would Have Done Without Rescu

I don’t like to think about what would have happened if I had to contact local emergency services all the way from Texas.

Any longer and there would have been a different outcome.

The time spent trying to connect with the right 911 operator in Southern California would have meant she wouldn’t be around anymore. And our children would have been left alone and confused.

But I have my wife. Our kids have their mother. And the EMTs’ fast response time meant there were no lingering side effects that would affect her quality of life.

Thank you, Rescu. You saved my wife’s life, and you saved our family.

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