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4 of the Best Personal Safety Apps
Personal Safety

4 of the Best Personal Safety Apps


Our personal safety should never be taken for granted. And now that we have access to safety apps on our smartphone, why wouldn’t we take advantage?

With apps having the technology available to surpass that of simply calling 9-1-1, and some apps having features like GPS tracking and family notifications, emergency situations can now be remedied from mobile apps.

Here is a detailed list of 4 of the best personal safety apps out there:

1. Rescu

As one of the most innovative emergency response apps available, Rescu gives you the ability to get help during an emergency by dispatching ambulance, police, or fire services with 2 simple taps on your phone. You don’t have to call 911 or even speak to anyone. And because of the TMA 5-Star, UL Certified Professional Monitoring center that Rescu operates from, they are the fastest way to get help in an emergency. This the most unique advantage, having a private dispatch center ready to send help at your request.

You’ll input your dispatch address (like your home) in the setup process, so when you use Rescu during an emergency, help is sent immediately to that address; making it a great resource during times when communication is difficult or impossible.

Rescu also allows you to input contact information of close friends and family who will be automatically notified if an alert is sent from your phone so your loved ones will know that you’re in an emergency situation.

The Rescu app is free to download and gives you the ability to dispatch ambulance services to one address. For added protection, you can upgrade to Rescu Prime ($60/year) and have access to medical, police, and fire services, as well as, four dispatch addresses.

Because of the features that Rescu comes equipped with, users can:

  • Live independently with a medical condition
  • Take control of their home security
  • Send authorities to their home even when they’re away
  • Be prepared for a family member’s health emergency
  • Send a fire truck when your smoke alarm detects a fire
  • Send for police when your camera detects an intruder

2. Life360

Another one of the best personal safety apps anyone can use is Life360 – a mobile app that allows family members to keep track of each other’s location at all times in a private, invite-only circle. Their main focus is on-the-road safety, with features like:

  • Crash detection: Life360’s sensors detect collisions over 25mph and they’ll send help if needed and notify everyone in their family ‘Circle’ in the app.
  • Roadside Assistance: They offer roadside assistance, from jumpstarts to locksmith services, through the app.
  • Driver Report: A report that gives a snapshot of how and what a driver is doing on the road, which can be great for parents of younger drivers.

The Life 360 app has different membership options ranging from free (with just location sharing) to $7.99/month for all their features.

3. SafetiPin

When traveling to new countries, how safe those places are is often a question you may ask yourself before actually going. SafetiPin is a free personal safety app that answers that important question with their detailed ‘city scores’ feature.

While auditing a city for safety, SafetiPin uses particular factors to determine the city score, including:

  • Lighting in the area
  • Openness of the area
  • Visibility in the area
  • Security functionality
  • User feeling (how app users feel there)

In addition to city scores, SafetiPin offers tracking capabilities so you can trace app user’s movement on a map and find their exact GPS location to be able to provide them swift help in the case of a crisis. Help buttons are accessible for users that find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

4. bSafe

To round out our list of the best personal safety apps, bSafe is an app dedicated to ‘never walking alone’. The app has a variety of features that help to ensure a user’s day-to-day safety, whether that’s walking from one location to the next alone or being in a threatening situation.

bSafe’s safety features include:

  • GPS tracking that lets family view the user’s location
  • An SOS button for alerts and live streaming
  • Fake calls to get out of unpleasant situations
  • A siren-like alarm to scare away potential attackers
  • A timer alarm that sends a signal to all members if the user hasn’t checked in on time

A flat cost of $72 will get you or a family member safety protection for the year.

Choose the Rescu App for Emergencies

While there are many apps out there that each focus on keeping you and your loved ones safe in different ways, Rescu is the best personal safety app for emergency situations.

With Rescu, you’ll always have medical help at your fingertips, and at no cost at all. Just two taps on your phone screen and you’ll bypass 911 immediately, sending for an ambulance with no need to even talk on the phone. Rescu is safety made fast and simple.

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