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Rescu is NOT for Everyone—Only Those Serious About Personal Safety
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Rescu is NOT for Everyone—Only Those Serious About Personal Safety


In the modern age, technology has opened the door to limitless possibilities—and not just for everyday conveniences.

Smartphones have paved the way for a new generation of personal safety, with hundreds of apps dedicated to providing people everywhere with enhanced security.

Rescu is one such app that features cutting-edge GPS technology and offers the fastest emergency response times in the US with just two taps.

But believe it or not, this life-saving tool isn’t for everyone. The Rescu app is made for those who accept nothing less than the best when it comes to protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their homes.


What is Rescu?

Rescu is a mobile personal safety app developed by the Watchlight Corporation, a tech company local to El Cajon, California, with over 50 years of experience saving lives.

With two taps on their smartphone, Rescu users can dispatch fire, police, or medical first responders to their home address or current location anywhere in the US—without spending a second on the phone with an operator.

This call-free system saves so much time compared to 911 that Rescu is now the fastest way to get help in an emergency. And to match that speed and efficiency, Watchlight made Rescu refreshingly easy to use.

As a new user, you can set up your account in minutes, and sending an alert is as simple as tapping the service you need and then tapping “Send Alert.”

Overall, Rescu is a personal safety app designed for individuals, caregivers, and families who want a lifeline they can truly rely on.


More Reliable Than 911

In an emergency, most people turn to the 911 system for help. Many other personal safety apps and services also rely on 911. 

But unfortunately, it’s not as fast or dependable as you might think.

Recent years have seen dispatch centers across the country leave thousands of calls unanswered, keep callers on hold during life-threatening situations, and even have victims lose their lives due to lengthy wait times.

These severe lapses in service are primarily the result of nationwide staffing shortages and non-emergency calls clogging up the phone lines. In fact, of the roughly 240 million 911 calls placed each year, a staggering 35% don’t involve an actual emergency.

This is what sets the Rescu app apart from 911 and other emergency lifeline services.

Rescu operates out of a 5-Diamond, UL-certified headquarters that uses its own private network, independent of the 911 system. This network eliminates the risk of prank or non-emergency calls leading to dangerous or life-threatening delays… 

And with dedicated dispatchers standing by 24/7, there’s nothing standing between you and the help you need.


Regular Reminders & Training

Rescu subscribers receive consistent reminders and training so they know the ins and outs of the app, such as:

  • Putting the app in test mode and sending a test alert to familiarize yourself with Rescu’s emergency alert system.
    • This includes the optional dispatcher phone call or two-way text chat features that become available after you send an alert.
  • Entering your address and relevant medical information, which is automatically sent to first responders when you send an alert.
  • Entering your emergency contact information—the names and numbers of your personal network of friends and family.
    • Rescu allows you to enter an unlimited number of emergency contacts, all of which are automatically notified via text when you send an alert. This text includes your name, type of emergency, and exact location with a link to your Maps app.


For Those Who Understand That Emergencies Are Never Easy

Rescu is a powerful resource that saves lives, but it’s not for everyone.

It was designed specifically for those who know things rarely go smoothly in an emergency.

When tragedy strikes, you could be unsure of where you are. You could be in too much pain to talk over the phone. Or, you could be in a situation where speaking out loud will put you in harm’s way.

The Rescu app lets you dispatch help to your exact location anywhere in the US with just two taps. No questions asked. No talking required.

If you can and want to provide your dispatcher with more information, you can call or open up a silent text chat with them on the next page after you tap “Send Alert.”

First responders will be notified of your listed medical information immediately so they can provide fast, accurate care when they arrive…

And your close friends and loved ones will know exactly where you are, so they can be there for you when you need them.


Seconds Save Lives

If you take personal safety seriously, you know there’s too much at stake to leave anything to chance in an emergency.

Don’t put you or your loved ones’ lives at risk. Trust the fastest way to get help in an emergency.

Download the Rescu app today for 24/7 protection you can count on.

Download on Apple Get it on Google Play

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