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Rescu Saved Tyler Weber’s Life. This is His Story
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Rescu Saved Tyler Weber’s Life. This is His Story


The testimonial you’re about to read is the true story of a Rescu user who experienced a life-threatening emergency, told from his perspective.

Stories like these are the perfect example of why we developed the Rescu app—situations where someone needs help, but the 911 system simply can’t accommodate them.

Keep reading to find out how Rescu saved Tyler Weber’s life.


Hello, My Name is Tyler…

And I would like to tell you how Rescu saved my life.

I am deaf. I live alone and value my independence. 

Besides being deaf, I also have chronic health issues. My family worries about me being on my own, so I subscribed to Rescu as a way to help them feel better.

One night, I was hanging out at home when I started to feel anxious. Before I knew it, breathing became difficult and I started having chest pains.

In these situations, 911 has never been a good option. Since I cannot speak, talking with someone over the phone is out of the question, and the other emergency options available to deaf people are too slow.

I got scared and began to panic.


So, I Turned to the Rescu App on My Phone

I know I am prone to health issues, so I always have my phone with me—within arm’s reach—and I keep Rescu on my home screen for easy access.

I sent an alert requesting an ambulance. Rescu notified my family and sent EMTs to my home, no speaking required.

I was never put on hold, there was no wait, and Rescu’s dispatcher chat kept me aware of what was happening throughout the process. 

The EMTs responded faster than ever and I was taken to the hospital. Not once did I feel helpless or alone. 

I got the help I needed and was released the next day. Thanks to Rescu, I was able to resume my life.


Looking Back, That Night Could Have Gone Differently

I think about it often.

If I had used another service, I could have waited too long. I could have had no way to communicate. I could have worried and been even more scared and stressed.

Things could have turned out much worse.

But I wasn’t alone.

I had already added my address and health conditions to the Rescu app, so all I had to do was send an alert. It took seconds.

Ever since that night, I have felt even more confident. I am able to enjoy my independence, live an even more rewarding life, and do all the things I want to do.

And now my family has seen the proof. Of course, they still worry about me. But knowing I have Rescu helps them worry less.

As someone who has seen it in action, I can confidently say that the Rescu app is great for the deaf and anyone that has difficulty communicating. 

It saved my life—in more ways than one.

Thanks, Rescu!

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