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Rescu’s GPS Dispatch Saves Apartment Building From Deadly Fire

Rescu’s GPS Dispatch Saves Apartment Building From Deadly Fire


Read the true story of Joel, a passerby during a dangerous apartment fire who saved a family’s life with Rescu

The Rescu app isn’t just the fastest way to get help in a personal or family-related emergency. 

Its GPS-enabled dispatch service allows you to route first responders  (fire, police, or medical) to your current location anywhere in the US.

That way, even if you are witness to an emergency, such as a car accident, an injury, or a fire, you can use Rescu to send help instantly—and you just might save a life.

Today’s subscriber story is the perfect example of this.

Rescu user Joel was on a walk one night when he noticed a fire directly under an apartment building. Realizing he was the only one aware of it, he knew he had to do something.

Here is his story.


Hello, My Name is Joel…

And this is the story of how Rescu saved an apartment building.

I was walking late one evening when I saw smoke coming out of a garage underneath an apartment building. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but there was no one nearby, and there were no signs of anyone being awake in the building. 

It was small enough not to set off the fire alarms in the building, but it was growing fast, and no one was aware of the danger as it grew.


I Knew it Was Up to Me…

So I pulled out my phone and opened the Rescu app from the home screen—I always keep my phone close by for these exact situations.

I sent an alert requesting firefighters, and Rescu sent the fire department my exact location.

Fire trucks arrived in minutes, and although there was some damage to the garage, thankfully no one in the unit above was harmed. 

And since I didn’t have to spend any time on the phone, I was able to immediately take action and alert as many residents as I could before first responders showed up.


I Feel So Lucky That I Was There That Night

If I hadn’t been walking down that exact street at that exact time, there’s no telling what would have happened.

By the time the residents realized there was a fire, it could have been much too late. 

And without Rescu, the fire easily could have grown out of control before emergency services arrived.

I knew that if I called 911, I would have to describe the building and give them a rough estimate as to where I was. In that case, the firefighters may have been unsure of the location of the fire and spent valuable time looking around for the right apartment building, as this particular apartment was located in the alley and not facing the street.

But Rescu gave them my exact location, so they knew where to go…

And most importantly, the residents were unharmed and could continue their lives as usual—without any injuries.

Thanks, Rescu!

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