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Rescu Changed This Wheelchair-User’s Life Forever

Rescu Changed This Wheelchair-User’s Life Forever


Robert’s medical conditions restricted his movement for decades. That is, until he found the Rescu app…

Nothing demonstrates Rescu’s life-changing potential quite like this subscriber’s story.

Imagine if the extent of the world you could experience was the size of your yard. For many of us, that’s almost impossible to picture. The simple fact that we can hop in our cars and drive wherever we like is something that we often take for granted.

But as a wheelchair user with many complicated health issues, Robert doesn’t have to imagine it. For him, that’s reality.

Due to his conditions, he hasn’t been able to venture outside his home property for years. But with a little help from the Rescu app, Robert’s world just got a whole lot bigger. 

This is his story.


Hello, My Name is Robert…

And I would like to tell you how Rescu has changed my life. 

I am paraplegic with multiple, significant health issues. For years I have been confined to my house and yard due to the level of life-support equipment I need and the risk associated with movement.

I can only leave if I have a medical professional with me, but never on my own. I am constantly at risk, and while I have medical alert systems in place, they only work if I am at home.


But One Day, I Found Rescu

I saw that it has current-location dispatch and can send my medical information to dispatchers in an emergency. So I signed up and showed it to my doctor. 

He was amazed!

He asked me to keep it with me everywhere I go—even in the house. So I did, and I made sure to put it on my home screen so I can always get to it quickly when I need it.


My Doctor Was So Impressed With Rescu…

He said that I could increase the radius of my movement to five miles from home. Five MILES!

Just like that, the size of my world increased from my 30,000-square-foot lot to 78 square miles. I could not believe it.

I haven’t been this free in thirty years!

I can finally see things now. I can see the changes in my neighborhood. I can go shopping or find a nice place to eat. I can finally experience the sights and sounds of the world around me. 

Being able to go out and experience a world that has been closed off to me for decades is a feeling I will never be able to describe.


My World is Changed Forever

If you had told me years ago that an app would change my life forever, I would have never believed you. But now, I feel more confident than ever.

Because of Rescu, my health issues can no longer keep me from leaving my house. The size of my world has increased many times over, and I am more independent than I have ever been. 

I am able to live a more fulfilling life and do all the things I have wanted to do for so long.

Additionally, my family has seen the proof, and they worry much less now.

Thanks, Rescu! I will never forget what you have done for me.

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