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Scary Situations & How to Prevent Them: Women’s Edition
Personal Safety

Scary Situations & How to Prevent Them: Women’s Edition


In everyday life, we all face situations that require a healthy dose of caution. Driving, crossing the street, going out at night, and traveling are just a few examples.

But unfortunately, the safety concerns men and women face are far from equal. 

Sexual harassment and assault are far more likely to happen to women — with an astonishing 81% of American women reporting incidents of harassment and one in every six experiencing assault.

Home invasions and theft are also significant risks to be aware of.

To ensure their safety, women have to take a slew of precautions before engaging in numerous activities that men rarely have to think twice about. 

And in many cases, women will simply avoid things altogether to eliminate risk. These activities can include traveling alone, walking or running alone at night, answering the door while home alone, dressing a certain way, and much more.

Keep reading as we explore some of the top safety concerns for women, how to cultivate security and peace of mind, and the fastest way to get help in case of an emergency.


Traveling by yourself, especially in an unfamiliar place, comes with a number of safety concerns…

But with the right knowledge and preparation, you can minimize your risk and maximize your peace of mind.

After all, traveling is supposed to be a relaxing break from all the hustle and bustle of life.

So, let’s go over some safety tips to keep your next solo trip fun and safe:

  • Get to know the area as much as possible – Study the area before you go and solidify your plans as much as possible. That way, you’ll always have a clear idea of where you’re going. The less you have to look down at your phone while making your way around town, the better aware you can be of your surroundings.
  • Make sure your accommodations are up to par – One of the first things you should do once you arrive is make sure your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb are safe, comfortable, and as advertised. If not, you can make other arrangements as early as possible during your trip.
  • Don’t travel too heavy – If you don’t need it for your day plans, leave it wherever you’re staying. The less you have on you, the less you’re likely to lose.
  • Let someone close to you know about your travel plans – Send a close friend or family member your travel itinerary and make sure to check in with them at regular intervals. Having a contact to stay in touch with will make sure someone knows if things go off schedule.
  • Only tell family or close friends where you’re staying – If you meet anyone on your trip, avoid sharing the address of your hotel or Airbnb with them. Also, be sure not to post any photos or information on social media that could lead people to where you’re staying. 
  • If possible, bring a friend – Following these guidelines can help make a solo trip safe, but using the buddy system is always preferable. Having a travel buddy can give you extra peace of mind and someone to create lasting memories with.

Walking or Running at Night

Going for a walk or run late at night can be risky because it’s more challenging to keep an eye on your surroundings.

But with a full-time work schedule and a family to take care of, later hours may be the only option.

If you have to get your daily exercise done after the sun goes down, here are some helpful tips to protect yourself:

  1. Play it loud – Many people wear headphones when they exercise outdoors, which can impair their situational awareness. If you like to listen to music during your runs, we recommend playing it out loud instead.
  2. Follow the lights Make sure only to travel on well-lit roads or trails.
  3. Wear reflective clothing – Wearing shiny or reflective clothes can make sure passing vehicles can see you and steer clear.
  4. Let someone know your plans – Let a close friend or family member know the route you’re taking and how long you’ll be gone, and make sure to check in with them once you get back.
  5. If things get fishy, call a friend – If you notice someone following you or you feel unsafe, give a friend or family member a call. If they don’t answer, fake a conversation with their voicemail. Knowing someone will hear if things go wrong will discourage potential perpetrators from making a move.

Answering the Door at Home

For women at home alone, having a maintenance person come by or answering the door for visitors can feel threatening.

But there are a few safety measures you can take to ensure you feel comfortable in situations like these.

First, consider investing in a doorbell with built-in video and audio capabilities. These nifty devices can make it so you’ll never have to open the door for a salesperson or unexpected visitor ever again.

If that option’s off the table, you can always use the phone call tip from the previous section. Calling or pretending to call someone will alert your visitor that someone is listening in.

For those situations where you have scheduled maintenance, you can ask a friend or close family member to come over and keep you company throughout the appointment. If they can’t make it in person, you can try to set up a facetime with them instead.

By this point, you may have noticed a pattern. Whenever possible, the buddy system is your best bet. 

But when that’s impossible, there’s still a way to stay protected at all times.

The Rescu App: Peace of Mind in Your Pocket

Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Rescu mobile medical alert system provides a constant source of protection.

With its very own 24/7 UL-certified dispatch center, the Rescu app eliminates the phone calls and wait times that come with the 911 service. Just two taps on your smartphone will send an alert to the monitoring center, which will dispatch responders to you right away.

No questions asked. No delays.

With Rescu’s standard subscription, you can input up to four addresses to send help to at a moment’s notice. With Rescu Prime, your phone will become a GPS medical alert system, allowing you to get help anywhere in the United States.

So, whether you’re going on your nightly run or relaxing at home alone, you can always have peace of mind with you.

Click below to download Rescu on the Apple Store or Google Play today!

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