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The Personal Safety App That’s Revolutionizing Medical Crisis Response

The Personal Safety App That’s Revolutionizing Medical Crisis Response


Rescu’s speed & efficiency allows EMTs on the frontlines to save time &, most importantly, save lives more effectively

In a time where the public emergency system consistently underperforms, leaving victims waiting for or without help in dire situations, a new era has begun:

The era of the personal safety app.

These digital tools allow anyone with a smartphone to send for help in an emergency. And while they all have their perks, most of them still rely on one of two things: the 911 system or the phone call. Or both.

But the personal safety app we’ll be talking about today says goodbye to these traditional methods, boasting response times 20x faster than 911 and maximizing the impact of emergency medical personnel in the field.

Meet Rescu.


Seconds Save Lives: Rescu’s Industry-Leading Response Times

In a serious medical emergency, where the victim’s chances of survival decrease with every passing second, there’s no room for the traditional song and dance of calling 911. 

There are far too many factors at play that can slow the process down:

  • The time it takes for the victim or person calling 911 to explain what’s happening and where they are before the operator dispatches help. When the situation is critical, wasting precious seconds on the phone can cost the victim their life.
  • Potential delays in the 911 call being answered due to understaffed dispatch centers or non-emergency or prank calls clogging up the phone lines. 
  • Panic or physical pain making it difficult or impossible for the victim to explain their situation.
  • Network errors or technical bugs leading to 911 service outages (which happen more often than you might think), leaving the victim unable to call for help.

But the Rescu personal safety app eliminates the need for lengthy 911 calls, providing a much more effective alternative free of the above risks.

With just two taps on their smartphone or Apple Watch—one for the type of emergency and another to send the alert—Rescu allows users to dispatch medical assistance to their current location almost instantaneously.

And while there’s no need for a phone call to receive Rescu’s rapid response service, users always have the option to text or call a dispatcher after sending an alert, allowing them to provide details about their emergency if they’re willing and able.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Rescu’s Subscriber-Dedicated Monitoring Center

Sporting a UL certification and a 5-diamond rating, Rescu’s private monitoring center is entirely independent of the 911 system.

It operates solely in service of subscribers, with dedicated dispatchers working 24/7 to respond to alerts and provide best-in-class response times. 

When a user sends an alert, the Rescu personal safety app immediately delivers the message to HQ. In a matter of seconds, a dispatcher notifies the nearest ambulance crew.

In addition to providing the user with the comfort of rapid response, this system gives medical personnel as much time as possible to respond to the crisis, maximizing the victim’s chances of survival.

But if the user doesn’t talk to anyone on the phone, how will first responders know where they are?


A Lifeline On-Location: Rescu’s GPS-Based Dispatch

It’s 2024. With the GPS technology available to us, no one should have to spend time explaining where they are in a medical emergency.

Yet still today, during a 911 call, the only way for an operator to know a victim’s precise location is if they’re told. If they can’t get this vital information, whether because the victim is unable or too panicked to speak, the best their technology can do is estimate where they are within a few hundred yards.

Needless to say, an ambulance crew’s time is much better spent administering life-saving care than blindly searching for their patient, whose condition could worsen beyond help at any moment.

This is another area where the Rescu personal safety app shines.

After their second tap, Rescu uses state-of-the-art GPS technology to determine a user’s exact location (anywhere in the US) and delivers it to HQ, along with the alert. When dispatchers notify the nearest medical response team, the user’s location information is included so they can immediately set out to their destination.

Again, this whole process happens within seconds.


Always Prepared: Rescu’s Pre-Registered Medical Information Feature

During any medical appointment, treatment, or operation, it’s important that the attending professionals know the patient’s medical history, allergies, and pre-existing conditions so they can properly tailor their care.

This is especially crucial during emergencies. 

Since EMTs have no prior experience with the patients they serve, they’re essentially going in blind, unless the victim or a loved one gives them the information they need once they arrive.

But with Rescu, users can pre-register their relevant medical information, listing any conditions, medications, allergies, or other concerns they have. When they send an alert, the app automatically delivers this information to dispatchers, who then instantly relay it to the responding medical team.

That way, they know exactly how to care for the patient and can respond quickly and accurately as soon as they arrive on the scene.


Emergency Response for the 21st Century

Rescu isn’t just a personal safety app. 

It’s a lifeline with a proven track record that’s rewriting the script on how EMTs respond to emergencies. 

And it’s not just about speed. It’s about a smarter, more precise, and intuitive approach that benefits both users and first responders.

That’s why it’s the vanguard of the personal safety app revolution.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the homepage or use the buttons below to download Rescu today.

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