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How a Local Company Solves 911’s 3 Biggest Problems
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How a Local Company Solves 911’s 3 Biggest Problems


The public is losing trust in the 911 system. Find out why & how a California company is bridging the gap with advanced personal safety technology

Imagine experiencing a crisis where your personal safety is uncertain—like an unexpected health emergency. A situation where, if you don’t get help in time, your life could be in danger. 

Now, imagine you’re able to reach for your phone and call 911. When you get through, however, you’re placed on hold—with no idea how long you’ll be waiting.

This is the reality for victims all across the country. Worse yet, it’s just one of the major problems with the 911 system that affects your ability to get emergency help.

In fact, there are three glaring issues with 911, each resulting from how the service is set up, and made even worse by the stress of the pandemic.

But in a time where so many distrust the public personal safety system, a local tech company has risen to the challenge of restoring peace of mind.


Rescu: The Future of Personal Safety

Rescu is a local El Cajon company created by the Watchlight Corporation, an alarm and personal safety tech organization with half a century of experience saving lives.

It was founded on the idea that no one should have to wait (or talk) to get emergency help.

That’s why Watchlight created the Rescu app, a mobile safety app for individuals and families that provides the fastest way to dispatch first responders in a crisis.

Whether you need the police, firefighters, or an ambulance, Rescu lets you send for help with just two taps on your smartphone—no talking required. 

The app stores up to four physical addresses, so you can instantly dispatch responders to your or a loved one’s home, and it also provides current location dispatch anywhere in the US.

Along with unmatched response times, what sets Rescu apart from 911 is that it has its own private network. It’s not bogged down by the weight of the public system, which fields an overwhelming amount of calls—many of which are delayed or unanswered.

It’s the combination of these revolutionary features that helps alleviate 911’s biggest problems, which we break down below. 


1. Rampant Non-Emergency Calls

Nationwide, 911 centers receive a mind-boggling 240 million calls a year. Of that 240 million, 35% aren’t actual emergencies.

That means upwards of 84 million non-emergency calls back up 911 queues all across the country, every single year…

Overwhelming understaffed and underfunded 911 call centers, and leading to delays, dropped calls, and unimaginable fear and stress for victims everywhere.

Undoubtedly, the fact that almost everyone in America has a smartphone or mobile device feeds into this issue, allowing people to abuse the free public emergency system.

That’s what makes the Rescu app such a reliable personal safety alternative. Rescu is a subscription service that uses a private network. As a result, over 99% of dispatches are real emergencies, and dedicated dispatchers are standing by to assist you around the clock.

As a Rescu subscriber, you’ll never have to worry about staffing shortages or non-emergency calls standing between you and life-saving care.


2. Location Trouble

Many people don’t know this, but there are numerous areas of the US where 911 call centers don’t have the ability to find your exact location. Their GPS technology is outdated and fairly inaccurate, which means it’ll take even longer to get the help you need.

Additionally, if you’re out of town and there’s an emergency at home, 911 can’t help you. It simply doesn’t work if you’re not in the same jurisdiction as your emergency. 

To get in touch with the local police department or another emergency service, you’ll have to take the time to look up their direct number—time you don’t have in a crisis.

But with Rescu, you can dispatch first responders to your address from anywhere. And if you’re in a remote location or somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll have precise, state-of-the-art GPS location technology at your fingertips.

Simply tap the service you need and then “Send Alert,” and Rescu’s private dispatch center will do the rest. In seconds, the nearest first-response team will be on its way to you.

And the best part? 

The Rescu app stores your list of emergency contacts and automatically notifies them when you send an alert. They’ll instantly receive a text message with your emergency information and a link to your exact location in the maps app.


3. The Mandatory Phone Call

While there is a text-to-911 service, it has limited availability

If you need help, you’ll more than likely have to speak with a 911 operator, which isn’t always easy or possible in real-world scenarios.

Communicating over the phone simply isn’t a viable option in many cases, including:

  • If you’re deaf or hard of hearing.
  • If you can’t speak due to limitations, stress, pain, injury, or illness.
  • If speaking will put your personal safety at risk.

Getting help shouldn’t be a complicated, time-consuming, or uncertain process. You should be confident that you’ll receive prompt and reliable service when you request emergency assistance.

The Rescu app provides this level of comfort, allowing you to:

  • Get help with two button presses—without saying a word or answering a series of questions.
  • Instantly and automatically notify dispatchers and first responders of your relevant medical and location information.
  • Questions in-app.
  • Start a two-way text chat with a dispatcher in the app.
  • Call a dispatcher after you’ve sent an alert to give them more information.


Three Major Problems, One Simple Solution

Freedom is knowing that you and the ones you love are protected wherever you go.

The Rescu app puts that freedom in the palm of your hand. 

With Rescu, Watchlight isn’t just changing the landscape of personal safety for people nationwide…

It’s also helping alleviate some of the stress the above problems have on the 911 system and its dedicated staff.

Download Rescu today to step into the next generation of personal safety and learn what true peace of mind feels like.

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