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Beyond 911: Rescu’s Impact on Firefighter Response

Beyond 911: Rescu’s Impact on Firefighter Response


These crucial features are what separate Rescu from the 911 system, empowering firefighters to minimize damages & save lives

The world of firefighting is a dynamic and dangerous one where every second counts. 

Having the right tools and accurate, up-to-date information can make the difference between containment and catastrophe…

And that’s where Rescu comes in.

With advanced features that streamline emergency communication, Rescu is a force multiplier that transforms firefighter response, maximizing their efficiency on the front lines.


Streamlining Emergency Dispatch

Prompt dispatch is the foundation of any successful firefighting operation. The faster they can suit up, hop in the truck, and leave the station, the faster they can get the situation under control.

Rescu allows users to send for help with just two taps on their smartphone or Apple Watch, without talking with a dispatcher. That means that in the time it would typically take them to call 911 and answer the dispatcher’s questions, help would already be on its way with Rescu.

After a user sends an alert, Rescu’s private UL-certified monitoring center receives it, contacts the nearest team of firefighters, and dispatches it in a matter of seconds. 

This lightning-fast system not only minimizes firefighter response times, but also provides them with crucial information about the emergency, enabling them to arrive on the scene with a clear understanding of the situation.


Fast, Accurate Information

Accurate and dynamically-updating information is key for firefighters en route to an emergency, and that’s exactly what Rescu provides.

When an alert comes through, the app uses GPS technology to identify and transmit their exact location to dispatchers, who instantly relay the information to firefighters. Additionally, Rescu equips dispatchers and first responders with the user’s pre-registered personal and medical information. 

These details allow the firefighters to tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of the situation and spring into action as quickly and accurately as possible when they arrive.


Filtering Out the Noise

911 dispatch centers across the country deal with hundreds, if not thousands, of non-emergency and prank calls every day. These bogus calls clog up the emergency pipeline, potentially leading to longer firefighter response times.

But Rescu’s subscription model acts as a powerful filter, ensuring that only those serious about personal safety can send an alert and reducing non-emergency calls by upwards of 99%.

By only allowing access to dedicated subscribers, Rescu all but guarantees that dispatchers receive nothing but genuine emergency alerts. This system further streamlines their efforts and enables them to prioritize what matters most: people’s safety.


Eliminating Call Queues

There’s no shortage of horror stories where emergency victims waiting on hold with 911 have suffered traumatic losses. These situations shine a much-needed spotlight on the drawbacks of the traditional emergency response system. 

Luckily, another perk of Rescu’s call-free, subscriber-dedicated model is the elimination of call-waiting queues. This system is the fastest and most reliable way to get help in an emergency, ensuring users never have to play a waiting game, and firefighters receive the alert as quickly as possible.

Every aspect of Rescu was designed to do away with delays, giving users full control over their personal safety and allowing firefighters and other emergency personnel to do what they do best: save lives.


Two-Way Communication With Dispatchers

Especially during a fire-related emergency, the situation can change in an instant. 

The fire can spread to other homes or buildings, structures can collapse, flammable substances can catch fire or explode…

Things can go from bad to much worse in the blink of an eye. 

That’s why a constant stream of communication between emergency victims and dispatchers is so important. 

After a Rescu user sends an alert, they’ll have the option to open up a text chat or phone call with a dispatcher so they can provide updates on their situation.

The dispatcher then immediately relays this information to firefighters, giving them the intel they need to respond quickly and accurately.


Emergency Response for the 21st Century

Technology is constantly evolving, but the emergency response system we rely on to protect us is lagging behind.

By addressing the specific challenges faced by both users and first responders, Rescu offers the fastest, most effective solution. With just two taps, Rescu provides firefighters with invaluable information, optimizing their response times and helping them keep up with the unpredictable nature of their job.

As we progress through the digital age, Rescu will continue to bridge the gap between technology and the demands of emergency response.

To learn more about Rescu, check out our website or click or tap below to download the app today!

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