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How Rescu Gets You Help Faster Than 911
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How Rescu Gets You Help Faster Than 911


Discover the 8 key features that make Rescu the fastest way to get help in an emergency—by a long shot.

Rescu is a personal safety app that delivers faster emergency response times than 911. In fact, it’s the quickest way to get help from emergency responders—police, firefighters, and medical personnel.

An El Cajon tech company called the Watchlight Corporation designed Rescu so users could send for help without talking over the phone. 

But how does it work? What makes the app so much faster than the public emergency response system?

Follow along as we explore the eight key features that make Rescu’s response times second to none.


1. Easier & Faster Than a Phone Call

You can’t afford to waste a single second during an emergency, but when you call 911, you not only have to dial the number and wait for an operator to pick up…

You also have to tell them your address or current location, personal information, and the nature of your emergency.

With the Rescu personal safety app, you can dispatch help to one of four physical addresses or your current location anywhere in the US with just two taps. One tap for the emergency service you need (police, fire, or ambulance), and one to send the alert. 

No waiting for a dispatcher to pick up. No talking necessary.

Compare that to calling 911…

By the time you dialed the 9 and the 1, help would already be on its way with Rescu. Seconds save lives, and the Rescu app saves you as many as possible.


2. Dedicated Dispatchers Standing By 24/7

911 centers all over the country are struggling to hire enough staff to manage their extremely high call volumes. Hundreds of millions of calls come in every year—a large portion of which are non-emergency—and there aren’t enough operators to field them all. 

These staffing shortages have left victims to deal with dangerously long wait times, delays in service, and unanswered calls.

With the Rescu personal safety app, you’ll never have to worry about any of these issues affecting your ability to get help.

Rescu has a fully-staffed private monitoring center with a UL-certified 5-Diamond rating. Dedicated dispatchers are always standing by any time of the day or night, ready to get you the help you need at a moment’s notice.


3. Paid Subscription Service Prevents Abuse

Unlike 911, the Rescu app isn’t freely available to the public. It’s a paid subscription service that offers advantages you can’t get from any other emergency response system.

Now, we know what you’re thinking…

Why would I pay for a personal safety app when I can just call 911 or tap my power button 5 times?

In the previous section, we mentioned non-emergency calls. Since 911 is available to everyone with a mobile phone, many people use and abuse it. 

Upwards of 35% of the roughly 240 million 911 calls a year are either non-emergency or prank calls. These calls clog up an already understaffed and struggling system, leading to wait times of several minutes or more.

Every time you dial 911, you run the risk of getting stuck behind someone in the queue who doesn’t have an actual emergency.

Rescu’s paid subscription service prevents abuse almost entirely, with over 99% of dispatches being real emergencies. That way, you never have to worry about being anything less than the top priority. 


4. You’ll Never Wait or Be Placed on Hold

After her husband suddenly collapsed at home, an Austin resident had to wait on hold with 911 for fifteen torturous minutes before someone finally answered. Tragically, it was too late, and her husband passed away due to a heart attack.

This is the reality of the current public emergency system. 

Staffing shortages and non-emergency calls are causing life-threatening delays nationwide. If you live in an affected area, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the help you need in a timely manner.

On the other hand, Rescu’s private dispatch center and paid subscription service ensure you’ll never have to wait. When you tap Send Alert, dispatchers receive your emergency signal in an average of two seconds—often even faster than that.

Believe it or not, the Rescu system is 20 times faster than 911. This speed and reliability mean you’ll never have to wait for an answer or get placed on hold.


5. Get Help at Home or Anywhere in the US Instantly

Depending on your situation, you can dispatch help to your home address or your current location anywhere in the US. 

Even if you’re away from home, Rescu’s fixed-location dispatch lets you send help to your address from anywhere.

GPS-based dispatch is perfect for anyone constantly on the go or for situations where you’re unsure of your location. Instead of spending time trying to explain your surroundings to a 911 operator, Rescu determines your exact location and dispatches the nearest first response team immediately.


6. Automatically Sends Critical Info to Emergency Personnel

When you set up your Rescu account, you’ll be asked to add your relevant personal and medical information. This step is so that when you send an alert, not only will dispatchers and first responders receive your location and type of emergency…

They’ll also receive your pre-registered information, so they’ll know exactly how to provide you with accurate and effective care. This process also saves you the time and trouble of sharing your information over the phone. 


7. Automatically Notifies Emergency Contacts

When you send an alert with Rescu, all your close friends and loved ones will know immediately. 

The app instantly sends a text message to everyone you listed as an emergency contact with your name, type of emergency, and current location with a link to the maps app.

The last thing you want to worry about during the stress of an emergency is texting or calling people. Rescu saves you that time and hassle.


8. Live Chat With Your Dispatcher (Text or Call)

The Rescu personal safety app features two options to communicate with dispatchers.

After you tap Send Alert, the next screen gives you the option to either call or open an in-app text chat with your dispatcher.

Whereas 911 requires you to answer several questions before getting help, Rescu sends help first, then allows you to provide more information if you want or need to.


The Best in Emergency Response at Your Fingertips

From top to bottom, Rescu was designed to be the fastest way to get help in an emergency. 

These eight features drive the unmatched performance of this personal safety app, saving you precious time when you have none to waste.

Download Rescu today to enter the next generation of emergency response and enjoy a newfound sense of security that 911 simply can’t provide.

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