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Local Company Provides Best-in-Class Personal Safety Nationwide
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Local Company Provides Best-in-Class Personal Safety Nationwide


Founded in El Cajon, California, Rescu delivers cutting-edge emergency response technology to people all across the US

The advent of the cell phone ushered in a new age of personal safety. 

According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of US adults owned a cell phone in 2002. That means the majority of Americans could dial 911 in an emergency, allowing them to call for help almost anywhere they went.

Fast forward to today, and the percentage of mobile phone owners has skyrocketed to 97%.

As crucial as it is for everyone to be able to seek help in a crisis, the sheer amount of people with access to the 911 system has placed undue stress on it, causing disastrous results. 

Several-minute wait times, unanswered calls, and even the tragic loss of life are all consequences of the overwhelmed and underfunded 911 centers across America. 

But luckily, Rescu, a California-based technology company, is leading the charge to alleviate the pressure on the public emergency system and provide a fast, reliable way to get help for people nationwide.


What is Rescu?

Rescu is a mobile medical alert app developed by a local El Cajon tech company called the Watchlight Corporation. 

Watchlight put its 50 years of experience creating life-saving technology into the Rescu app, designing it for individuals and families who want the best in personal safety. 

The 911 system requires you to call and answer questions from a dispatcher, which can be time-consuming, difficult, or impossible, depending on your emergency.

Rescu lets you skip that step entirely and get right to the important part: getting help.

With just two taps on your smartphone, you can instantly dispatch police, fire, or medical services to your pre-set address or current location. No talking required.

This streamlined process makes Rescu the fastest way to get help in an emergency, saving precious seconds and even minutes that would otherwise be spent on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.

Even better, all Rescu alerts are routed through its headquarters, a 5-Diamond, UL-Certified dispatch center that uses its own private network—separate from the public 911 system. 

This private network not only takes some of the stress off of overworked 911 operators, but also means users never have to worry about their alerts being delayed or going unanswered.


Personal Safety for the Modern Age

Today, our lives are more mobile than ever. 

We’re constantly on the go—traveling to and from work, visiting loved ones, taking business trips, etc. 

As we move through life, constantly going from place to place, it’s vital to have a reliable lifeline. And since we take our smartphones almost everywhere we go, it makes sense to use them as part of our personal safety plan.

Crime has been on the rise since the pandemic, and law enforcement policies are changing across the country. 

Unpredictable events and emergencies don’t wait for us to prepare. And when they do happen, there’s no time to waste. 

It’s unfortunate, but we’ve entered a time when nationwide access to the public emergency system has turned from a benefit to a detriment…

And in this modern age, Rescu provides a dependable solution.

With the Rescu app, you can dispatch help to your address or current location in seconds—without the risk and uncertainty that come with calling 911. 


“I Couldn’t Ask for a Better Safety App”

Using state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail, Watchlight packed Rescu with features and benefits to ensure all your bases are covered in an emergency. These include:

  • The call-free emergency response system, which is much faster than dialing 911.
  • The ability to dispatch fire, police, or ambulance services.
  • GPS-based dispatch, allowing you to send for help anywhere in the US.
  • Automatic notification of all your listed emergency contacts via text when you send an alert.
    • It tells them you’re experiencing an emergency, the type of emergency, and your exact location with a link to the maps app.
  • Automatic notification of first responders about your critical information.
    • You can add your address, property information, medical history and conditions, and anything else responders may need to know when you set up your account. That way, you get the specific care you need, and fast.
  • The option to call or two-way text chat with dedicated dispatchers after you’ve sent an alert.
    • In case you’d like the company of a dispatcher throughout your emergency or to provide more information about it.

In situations where your mind is going a mile a minute and there’s no time to think, Rescu makes getting help as simple as possible. It’s no wonder users nationwide enjoy the feeling of safety and comfort it provides.


Local Tech Company, National Safety Solution

The Rescu app is for people all across the country who want to feel safe at home when their partner is away… 

For people on the go who want to be protected wherever their travels take them…

For parents who want to know their children are safe at home while they’re at work…

For senior caregivers who want to preserve their loved one’s independence…

And for everyone who wants the sense of security that comes with knowing help is always two taps away—whenever and wherever they need it.

Rescu puts the power of personal safety back in your hands. Download today for best-in-class emergency response and 24/7 peace of mind.

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